My 1 Million Row Challenge

Saturday, December 30, 2017

More Deep Cleaning

Today I spent the day deep cleaning again. Eric's closet made the to do list today and all the clothes that were too small we added to the Goodwill pile. Books and magazines also made it to the top of the to do list. I filled up the center of the van again. Most was only one layer, but there were some areas where it was 2 layers deep. John was kind enough to make a trip to Goodwill for me. I am needless to say exhausted. I really don't recommend this type of cleaning with a headache though, it will not make it any better.

The next thing on my agenda will be finding uses for all the regained space. This should be the easy part.

Thursday, December 28, 2017


Clothes shopping was a failure yesterday. If the top fit, it was see through. If the tops was not right and the fit or look was awkward it was not see through. Come on clothing manufactures most women I know hate see through clothes. If we wanted that much transparency in our wardrobes we would walk around in a bikini year round. Get it right.

Monday, December 25, 2017


Teri and I finished organizing the fiber by breed. Teri found out that there are a lot of different breeds of sheep. I think everyone learned more about sheep and breeds at dinner than they wanted to.  The fiber is now neatly stored. The only mistake that I made was not labeling the big bags. Oh, well that can happen at a later date. We also went on a deep cleaning spree. The end of the hallway is knee deep in charity for Goodwill. I think it will take me a couple of hours to make a list of everything. I think we are going to try to fill the van.

We also found time to go see the new Star Wars Movie, The Last Jedi.  No spoilers here, just go see it on the big screen. 

Sunday, December 24, 2017


My family is trying a Lola of Lion Brand Yarn intervention of my fiber stash. So I am going through every bag of fluff to see what I really don’t want to spin. Basicly it amounts to anything with bamboo blended in and some of the fiber that I bought as a novice that I don’t want to spin any more.

So I am taking the time to organize it by fiber. I have more alpaca fiber than I thought I had. I also have a bunch of small amounts of diffrent breeds of sheep to see how they spin. I found some unprocessed fiber that I thought that I would have time to wash and prepare. Now I think that I will send it off to a fiber mill that will do a small batch. The short fibers went into the dog pillow box, I have no time to mess with short fibers.

Some was bought when I thought that I. Ould help pay for Teri’s grad school. I needed to spend a lot more time at art and fiber shows than I had being a full time care giver for Eric. I will still spin it up and see if my Local Yarn Shop will take it on consignment. If not, I expext to give hand spun yarn to friends who knit and chrochet for future gift.

So all in all I rally don’t think I have a fiber problem. Rather, I have a distrubition problem.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Family Time

The whole family is under one roof. I am having a great time. I may be to busy to post for a week or so. So please take the time to enjoy your families too.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


I seem to make fewer shawls for myself than some of my friends. I was thinking about this today as I reorganized my shawls and scarfs. I have the first shawl I knit for myself about 17 years ago, I still use it a lot. I bought some high quality mohair yarn from Kathy Withers of Withers Wool she also has an etsy shop at this link . Kathy used to be local and I loved going to her farm when it was in Tucson. I was like a candy store for me. Kathy has moved to the east coast and still offers classes.

All my shawls seem to be made from high quality yarn straight from the farm or my local yarn shop. There seems to be a direct correlation of the quality of yarn with how long the hand knit or hand woven item lasts. So even though it is more expensive it is worth spending the extra money for high quality yarn. After all how often can you say my hand knit item is 17 years old when you use cheep, low quality yarn?

So if you are planning to make something for yourself or a family member Please remember to buy your yarn directly from the farm or you local yarn store. They have a vested interest in the outcome of your project. These are also small businesses that deserve your business.

*These are my own opinions and I have not received any compensation from anyone or any business.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

More Deep Cleaning

Believe it or not I spent 5 hours cleaning this morning. I have to say that this was fueled by 3 cups of tea and trying to get one last good load off to Goodwill this year. I also have to give credit to my new arthritis medicine. Not to say that I was not sore by lunch time, but I had to work very hard to get sore.

Eric's aide Nikki wanted to learn how to make my style of bed quilt for her boys, so we collaborated on a second big quilt for Eric today.  We are telling Eric that this is his holiday gift from Nikki. I must say that I am really liking the cotton batting. It is easy on my hands and sews up like a dream.

I also think that I have way too many projects in progress. Although now that I am feeling better they are getting finished at a faster pace. I also found my watch at the bottom of you guessed it a knitting bag. It is time to see if I can finish one more project tonight and give John the computer chair so he can change colors on the printer.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Triple Chocolate Haystacks

I had enough energy to make my triple chocolate haystacks for tomorrow's party. The chocolate mixture came out very smooth. John was nice enough to clean up the double boiler. I was surprised that John knew what a hot water bath was. It must be because he likes to watch Chef  Gordon Ramsay on the Food Network. I also made fresh bread for dinner.

Now if we could just get Eric to sleep through the night.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Blankets and Watches

It is no secret that the kids are getting blankets this year. So Eric’s twin size quilt is almost done. Teri’ queen size blanket is hand knit on U.S. size seven knitting needles in a modular pattern. I have about 2 1/2 rows of modular knitting plus the I-cord boarder. I am really stumped on what to make Tej. I am also wondering since Teri’s blanket is so big if they could share the blanket. So many things to think about while I am waiting for Eric to fall asleep.

I am sad that my new watch died after less than a week. I have to return it and pick out another watch. I would not have to do this if my 10 year old watch did not sprout legs and walk away. So much bother.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Early December

Eric is just getting over the cold that he has had since last Thursday. John and I are very tired and trying to get too many things done at once. Can someone invent a 48 hour day for me please?

Holiday presents are going slower than I would like. I wanted to be done with a few more than none by this point. It did not help that my body needed rest today. Hopefully I will make progress tomorrow.

Deep cleaning has kicked up to high gear again. It's not like I have the time, but with itemized deductions disappearing next year it has to be done by December 31st. We filled the recycle bin to the point that it needed to be stuffed down yesterday. So that is some slow progress.  All the quilting batts have left the house and freed up some much needed room. Fifty percent of that is filled already. I also need to clean up a desk to turn it into an electronic work station for John. You did not think that I was going to play with the electronics did you? The electronic equipment has started to arrive. So I guess that I am way behind on that too.. I wonder how many drawers will need to be emptied?

Well tomorrow is almost here so it is time to call it a day.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Cyber Monday

Dear Marketing Executive,

I had really planned on shopping this Cyber Monday. I had a list of things I was going to buy. The perks for the most part were very nice. The prices were reasonable. Not having to brave the crowded malls or stores was a plus.

Here is were my plans to shop went by the wayside.  It was simply an overload of emails sent to my in box. Some of you got the jump on Friday reminding me of your sales on Monday. Then there were two to three emails from the same companies on Saturday and Sunday. Today though takes the cake. Some of you sent me emails hourly starting at midnight. This came across in two ways. First, is that you were desperate for sales and this left me wondering if: A. You had enough stock on hand. B. Could your shipping department handle what you wanted to sell. C. Could your servers handle the mess you were creating. D. Are you filing bankruptcy on Tuesday morning and not planning on sending anything out? Second it came across as annoying, Do you know how many emails I got today? I have no idea either because as soon as I deleted one email from you another popped up. My tablet inbox was full all day, it holds just about 200 emails and they were ALL from today. There were too many to open let alone read.  I spent the time I would have been shopping at your site deleting emails from you and your fellow marketing executive's so I could see if something I needed to respond to came through. 

If you were using snail mail you would have sent me only one or two adverts period. Maybe that would be an idea for next year. Remember sometimes "Less is more", less emails gives me more time to read the emails and shop.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

A Blanket and Zenning

Today I started a new blanket for Eric. All I have left to do is pin and quilt it tomorrow. It was nice to get a blanket started this year. I used two twin sheets to make the blanket. It really feels good to have enough energy to get projects completed. Finished projects equal less clutter. 

I have decided to switch from polyester batting, the only batting that was available when I started quilting so last century to cotton batting. The polyester batting is a little rough on my hands and I can not pin or use the sewing machine with gloves on. I have ordered the two cotton batts that I need to finish two more blankets this year. The remaining polyester batting will be give to friends. This has freed a lot of space for yarn storage. This will let me get a bit more organized.  

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving Dinner

After more than a few years, I actually have Thanksgiving Dinner for 2 down pat. The secret is to make fewer side dishes. Today I made 1/2 of a turkey breast, stuffing, cranberry sauce and green beans. We skipped the candied sweet potatoes , rolls and the second vegetable. We used luncheon plates instead of dinner plates and dinner was perfect. We were comfortable after dinner and not in a food coma. I think that this is my new game plan.

Did I mention that I was the one to spill cranberry sauce on the pale green damask table cloth. I sprayed it with Tide stain remover to pre treat and washed it as soon as the table was cleared. I would like to say thank you to the people at Procter and Gamble for making Tide. The cranberry sauce stain came out in the wash. The paper napkin that I forgot to take off the tablecloth did not fare as well.

I have got to make a list of fiber and art projects that need to be finished before the end of the year. It occurred to me today that the holidays are really here. I have enough projects to keep me busy until mid December. So if I am not on Facebook or Twitter I will be sewing, knitting, quilting and making jewelry for presents. I think I might just try to wrap things as I go. At least my sewing machine just had a tune up.

Well it's time to get back to some knitting. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

About 70%

I am starting to feel a little better today. I am not as tired or sore as I have been. I managed to get through 80% of my very, very short to do list today. This might be a good thing. I have a half sheet cake for Eric's day program in my fridge right now, not to mention the fruit and vegetable platters. It use to be so much easier to throw an impromptu party so last century. I did not have to worry about covering every one's food preferences or special diets. In fact I have 1/6 of my fridge is  filled with food for this party for Eric, his friends and the programs advocates, that Eric can not eat. This just seems a little weird to me. I am doing this for Eric, because Eric likes a good party even though he can't eat the food. He just likes being with his friends and partying. Although for a good party you must have food.  So I am bringing the food.

Now that I went totally off track the remaining 20% of my to do list was shopping for Thanksgiving dinner.  I will have room in the fridge once the cake has made it's way to the party. That will get done tomorrow, the day before Thanksgiving. The day I really hate to be in the grocery store. Such has been my life this year.

My energy ran out around 5 pm. I was even too tired to knit tonight. So I just sat back and relaxed. I also found a little energy for round 2 of Eric's birthday week. He loved the dinosaur sheet set that Teri and Tej bought for him. I need to wash them so that they can go on his bed this weekend. I also managed to find 2 DVDs that Eric does not have, plus they are birthday themed, Eric just loves them. Now if I could just get Eric to go to sleep.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


I had a very good day in my personal knitting. I knit 8 more rows of my sweater. The rows are long enough that this took 1 1/2 hours to do. This was also less than an inch of knitting. Then I finished one hat, then started and got halfway through another hat. This I am very happy about.

The part that I am not so happy about was a talk from a local yarn shop owner, whom shall remain nameless. What I took away from her talk other than she did not know the subject matter as well as she should have. Was a lack of understanding of what it takes to design, knit, and write up a pattern, get test knitters and find a model. For me this takes a minimum of 2 weeks, but most of the time 4 weeks of all my "FREE TIME" and then some.  For her to stand in front of a room full of knitters and say that unless you were a major player your patterns should be free is beyond believable.  Does this mean that she is going to give the yarn in her store away free?  I personally don't think that she will, so why should my friends and I give our work away for free? If she asked most of us I am sure that we could cut her a deal like the book publishers. Hey, wait we already do that.  Also for goodness sake if you are giving a presentation with pictures in a lecture hall please don't hold up your laptop to a room full of people and expect the people in back to be able to see. Be professional and ask for a projector.

Please note that these are my impressions of the talk. Also if you are a regular reader you know that the majority of my knitting goes to the fall fundraiser at Eric's day program at the Tucson JCC and the Flowing Wells District Clothing Bank. So I do get offended when a for profit business asks knitwear designers to give away our work for free so that they can sell yarn. I know that we all will design an easy pattern for a favorite shop to help sell a certain yarn, but that is a shop where we are allowed to come in and create or just sit around a table and knit with friends.

My rant is over. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A Lucky Day

Today we got the letter from our insurance company saying that Eric’s formula will be covered for another year. This is the first year in a long time that we did not have to spend months fighting this. We are not sure how this happened, but we would like the trend to continue.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Today I went shopping for gloves. It was a total washout. The cashmere gloves at one store were 90% acyclic. The super wool gloves were 50% acyclic. The rest were plain ugly or solid acyclic. I guess I will be finding time to pick a pattern and knit some gloves for myself.

The take away from this is to check my gloves for holes in August when they first hit the stores in Tucson. Not like this week when I found holes in the 2 pairs of cashmere gloves that I bought five or six years ago.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Crazy Busy

I have been crazy busy for the last few days. I had a full day on Thursday. With an appointment to start the day. Followed by rushing to arrive on time to teach a drop spindle class, the student set the time and did not show. To top that off I dropped my coriander drop spindle from too high and the wrong angle, needless to say it is now in 3 pieces. John will try to fix it for me, we just have to find out what adhesive to use. Wish us luck on that one. 

When I got home I went to say hi to Eric and his teeth were chattering and he had that look about him. I was praying that he was not overly tired or getting sick. Shortly after we finished dinner the wild eyrping started. I was a long night. I only stopped doing laundry when I ran out of baskets for the clean clothes. Somewhere around the house I know that I will find those baskets. I finished 4 more loads of laundry today. Just don't tell Eric that I am almost caught up. 

Eric woke up smiling so we started him on Peidlyte and he is now back on formula. Now instead of sleeping he wants to play. I decided to tink a project that I was 25% done with, but not happy with. I was a little too tired to knit today, although I did have big plans to work on a blanket and a sweater. I had also wanted to warp a loom, I was also too tired for that. So now that Eric is quiet, I will head to bed. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


I finally felt well enough to make dinner tonight. A wonderful chicken pecan salad and fresh ginger bread. John brought home fresh frech bread. I would have added a picture but apperently blogo has not updated to IOS 11 and everything is not functioal in the app.

Eric thought it was funny that I said we were going to Trader Joes just for dinner things. Well I guess he was right, I got a few extra things. Although I did stop at 1 basket of groceries.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

An Afternoon Out

John and I had an afternoon off. We went and saw the play Rent. I was not overly impressed with this play. Maybe it would have had a greater impact 20 years ago, but it seemed a bit old and tired today. The cast could also work on enunciation so we could understand all that they were saying. Maybe if the audience would have been a bit more polite and not clapped before songs started and continuing at least a verse in the song or the cast members waited until the clapping was done so that first timers could enjoy the music too. Also if you are going to sing with the cast at full voice, please, please, please not be in the key of off. Also as a parent I was dismayed at the lack of judgment of some parents. I personally did not think that this play was suitable for the under 12 year old crowd, no matter how cute the outfits the kids were wearing.

Afterward we went out to dinner and enjoyed patio dining. I just love our 2 weeks of fall weather. I am also 6 inches into the scrappy hat ( this is to read all the blue and green small balls of yarn in my knitting bag) that I started this morning. I will try to finish it tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Halloween has to be my favorite night of the year. I love seeing all the kids in costumes. We have also had a record number of trick or treater's even though it was a school night. 

 I did something different this year and placed the non food items and the candy in the same dish. I think this worked better because the kids did not have to ask for the other bowl. They were not made to feel different.  I went through 2 packages of pencils, which surprised us. I went through about a gallon of small toys too. I also used a basket with handles and that seemed to work better than the big yellow Tupperware bowl. 

All in all it was a great night.

Sunday, October 29, 2017


We have decided that we will no longer give Eric advance warning for haircuts. He does any number of the following things and more to avoid haircuts. Stays up all night so we will be too tired to go.  Makes mountains of laundry that make the laundry room hard to ignore. Yes, when the laundry room hits knee deep, I will stop to do laundry. Yes Eric has been known to fill the laundry room knee high by himself over night, as he did last night.  Also by looking or acting sick until it is too late to head out for a haircut. That is the bad thing when he knows his schedule so well.

So besides laundry today, I zenned another drawer in my dresser. This leaves 1 empty dresser drawer.  Decided that yarn for a fussy blanket would go into hats instead.  We definitely do not need another fussy blanket around here. The yarn still needs to be wound into cakes. Worked on a knitting UFO. Organized my shirts by type, I am thinking that cardigan sets will be a separate group. Last but not least found more than a few hours to relax and nap.

Instead of heading to Goodwill as planned for today, John and I kept adding things to go to our ever growing pile of donations. I hope to have that out of the house this week.

Saturday, October 28, 2017


I seem to have developed a bad habit of losing things that go on my left wrist. 6 weeks ago it was my watch, I have still not found it. Today It was my favorite 17 inch leather ruler that double wrapped around my wrist from i Love Handles. It was so nice to always have a ruler close by. That never got lost until today. I hope that I can find a replacement very soon. My poor left wrist feels naked.

Maybe if I just spend more time slowing down and centering myself.  I would not be losing things right and left. No pun intended. Now back to Eric. 

Thursday, October 26, 2017


After a very successful fundraiser for Eric’s day program I am still trying to get Eric to go to sleep before tommrow. I was at the JCC from 7 am to 4 pm. It’s been a long day. 11:30 pm is to late for such a long day, but John was on Eric duty last night so it is my turn. Wish me luck. I may go for the caffine if it is a very long night.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Feeling Under Siege

After being awake since Sunday morning, Eric is finally asleep. This has been a rough cold on all of us. My first hope now is that he does not get a secondary infection from this cold. I also hope that John and I did not catch this cold. As usual it takes Eric about 1 day to recover for every day that he has been sick. So I think that I will keep him home for the rest of the week. I have help for the next two days so that I can play catch up.

Believe it or not laundry is one of those things. Eric managed to hit all of my PJ's So my clothes are on the list to wash. Yes I managed to wash Eric's clothes, towels and sheets so far this week, these clothes are less fussy then my clothes as they can be left in the dryer once they are finished. Almost all of John's and mine need to be hung wet to dry.

On the knitting front I went a little wacky and started knitting a scarf for the fundraiser with a combination of art yarn and sock yarn. Since both yarns have been discontinued it will be a one of a kind scarf. I will show pictures when it is finished. Now I just have to motivate myself that it is really time to weave in the ends of the hat and scarf that I managed to finish even with Eric sick.

Monday, October 16, 2017


This is what 2,444 rows looks like. There are 3 hats, 7 scarfs, 2 shawls, 2 cowls and 5 kitchen things. These will all be at the Taglit fundraiser.

The other score for the day Arthritis 1 Sheri 0. John an A+ for a great dinner. Last but not least I think Eric is doing better..

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Eric is Sick Again

The cold symptoms started last night. Eric has the Cold Du Jour.  Eric is miserable The three of us are not very happy with this cold. We know that is just a matter of time before John and I get sick. We are not fully back to our version of normal from this summer.  What we don't understand is why people continue to go about their daily activities  when they are sick, knowing that they are spreading the cold. 

John and I continue to prepare for the Taglit Fall Fundraiser in between taking care of Eric. I managed to assemble 10 pairs of earrings today. John has the 3-D printer running at a good clip. He is making some really cool things. We are both very happy that other artists have agreed to let us use their designs for the fundraiser. It is not a hard sell when we tell them that 100% of the sale price will go to Eric's Adult Day Program. We are both very grateful for the community support for this fundraiser year after year. 

I am really hoping that Eric has a good night tonight but I am not very hopeful at this point. I hope that Eric makes less laundry tonight then last night.  Eric managed to fill the washing machine to capacity today. Wish us luck and if you don't see us for a few days you will know the reason why. 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Yarn Creep

Today I spent part of the day cleaning up the yarn creep in the living room.  I know yarn creep what's that all about. I used about 90 skeins of yarn knitting hats and scarf's this summer. I should not have one basket and two totes full of yarn left to knit hats with. This is the yarn that does not fit in the hat yarn roll away.  The only solution I can come up with is to knit more hats and scarfs. Did I mention I found a tote bag 3/4 full with yarn for hats too. No, it was not in the living room. I think that I will sort it out after the fundraiser for Taglit on October 26th.

I have been doing a lot of knitting besides hats too. So tonight I think that it is time to find non-hat projects to fill my UFO basket. I am getting a lot of projects that have been put on the back burner for whatever reason finished. A huge thank you to Vicky Konecky at Grandma's Spinning Wheel, here in Tucson for the push. I am sure that John appreciates it as much as I do.

I have been so busy finishing things that I have not posted pictures in a while. I only say this because I have a full tote bag of finished objects that was under a corner table. I just did not notice how full the bag was getting. I should check that out more often. So I will take pictures tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The New Curtains Failed

The new curtains were much to sheer to make them useful. They are now in the Goodwill box. I washed the old curtains with the intent of sending them to Goodwill. So I did not follow the line dry directions and they shrunk 4 inches in length when they were put through the dryer, when I only needed them to shrink 2 inches. The old curtains are back up dispite being 2 inches too short. Guess what John and I will be doing when we can find time to go shopping?

I did not finish my chores today do to waking up with a migraine this morning. It was dark sunglasses for most of the day. I am on the tired side so it is time to call it a day.

Monday, October 9, 2017

No Presser Foot 18

The day started out very slowly due to a headache. I trudged through the laundry and finished all 4 loads today. After dinner things started clicking. I hemmed and hung the new bed room curtains. Reapired the lace work on a jacket. Then I went to the next repair job and came to a sudden stop. I do not have the number 18 presser foot for my sewing machine. Thank goodness for Amazon, the repair will be made later this week when the presser foot will arrive.

I am hoping that tomorrow will be better.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Things Always Catch Up

Things always catch up with me. Take sleep for instance. This summer when the guys were not feeling well I often had to get by on 4 to 6 hours of sleep a night. Now that the guys are feeling better and I am not running on adrenaline my body seems to want to sleep 14 to 16 hours a day. No matter how hard I try to get things done sleep is winning. I am sure that John can come up with some Scientific principle to cover this phenomenon. I had paperwork to do after my errand today. The paperwork is still there.

Me I just want to have the energy to play with fiber and beads after I get my chores done. I want to have the energy to warp the looms to weave. To sit and spin, especially since John has made me some new drop spindles. Instead I am taking daily naps and I am tired the rest of the day.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Scarfs and hats

Every year I get asked the same question. What does ?, the number of hats I knit over the summer look like. Well this is what 6 dozen + 7 hats (79) and 14 scarfs look like. This is a 2 seat couch. The volume fills 2 very large carrier bags. In addition to what I knit this summer my friend Eva knit 6 sweaters and Rita crocheted 1 hat, so I will have 3 large carrier bags to bring to the Flowing Wells School District Clothing Bank this week. It is packed and ready to work is the top photo with Eva and Rita sharing the bottom photo. Sorry for the sideways photos, the lighting was better that way.

By the way I still have 2 hats on my knitting needles right now, 1 is plant fiber and the other is animal fiber, but no bunny.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Bunny 1 Sheri 0

The bunny won today. Eric's day program has a bunny. I am allergic to the bunny. After 10 minutes in the room with the bunny and my day was shot. So that is how the bunny won the day. In other words nothing got done. I am so far behind right now.


This weekend was spent catching up on sleep. With at least 12 hours of sleep on both Saturday and Sunday.  I can say that my body feels a little better. The house looks a little worse. I am behind on laundry and changing out linens, there is always tomorrow for that.

Eric had a very late night asthma episode, so I am trying to relax so I can get to sleep. I think it would help a lot if Eric decided that it was sleep time instead of play time. This always happens when his treatment happens after 10:30 pm. Timing is everything in life. 

John spent the weekend designing 2 new drop spindles for me. I know, who would have thought that he would ever design and 3-D print drop spindles for me. He is now enabling my fiber addiction. I will have two new spindles to play with. Tomorrow I need to find time to do an alpha test on the first model.  I wonder how thin I will be able to spin the yarn, the spindle is very light.  Since the spindle design is his, all I will be able to post is the finished yarn for now.

Thursday, September 28, 2017


Eric is feeling better and is back on formula. I am tired and out of sync. No knitting projects finished today. I am calling it an early night.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Hat number 76 since June 1st came off the knitting needles today. Hats number 77 & 78 were cast on and started. Eric has the cold du jour and it was a very long night and day. Not much was done besides laundry and taking care of Eric was accomplished today. My grand plans for a to do list went in to the blender.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


I finally got the bag of hand knit items tagged today. It just took taking the tags, a pen and the knitted objects out of the house. So tomorrow I will divide the items for my two charity projects, the Flowing Wells Clothing Bank and the annual fall sale for the Taglit program. Before I take the hats and scarfs in To the clothing bank I promise to take a picture. As of today I have about 6 dozen hats and 1 dozen scarfs. My friend Eva knit a whole tote bag of sweaters for the kids too. Eva is just so talented. I will take and post pictures of her hand knit sweaters too.

My body is doing better than yesterday after the dentist, although I still did take a 1 1/2 hour nap before I picked up Eric. I also managed to get to the grocery store and finish 2 hats. The hat I started after dinner is only 60% done, it's not getting finished tonight. I think a good nights sleep is in order instead.

Monday, September 25, 2017

I really can't say that I personally recommend having major dental work done during an arthritis flare up. If I thought my face was puffy before, the after was much worse. No earrings for me until the swelling goes down. Also softer food for at least a few days. It also left me more tired than I have been. If that is at all possible. Thank goodness, John was able to arrange his schedule to be the driver for the day. I was too worn out to drive home after the dental work. Once I got home I slept for 4 1/2 hours. This meant that I slept through Eric's pick up time too. John also did the afternoon pick up Eric run too. I am so glad he was home today. When I woke up my left hand was a little to swollen to do much knitting. I hope it is better by tomorrow. I wonder if it will ever get back to 100%?

At least I will have 2 weeks before the crown comes in. I should be doing much better by then. It should also be a faster appointment with less fuss and no driver required.

I hope to have enough energy to be able to do a little laundry tomorrow as I have 2 loads of laundry that are over knee high. That means that the washing machine will be filled to the top.  I seems to get behind on even the basics when my arthritis is flared up. Also on my list is organizing Eric's DVD collection. I have an entire stack of empty cases with no DVDs. I really wish that people would put things back in the right cases. I am also hoping to find all the missing DVDs. In my search tonight, I found one more case without its DVD in it, but none of the missing ones. That makes it close to a dozen that are hiding somewhere in Eric's bedroom. Now if I were a DVD where would I choose to hide in Eric's bedroom? With that thought I think I will call it a night.

Sunday, September 24, 2017


My body won today. I spent most of the day catching up on sleep that I lost over the summer. Eric even slept through the night ladt night.

Feeling Good

Dispite being up with Eric for most of the night, I got up early and completed the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona Walk to End Hunger. It felt good to be able yo raise money for such a great group.

I think Eric has mixed up night and day again which has made life a little on the tough side. We need to reset his clock. I am not as productive as I would like to be when I am on this strange nap cycle.

It has quited down so maybe I can grab a few hours of shut eye. Night all.

Thursday, September 14, 2017


I have now reached a count of 72 or an even 6 dozen hats since June. These hats are all going to the Flowing Wells School clothing bank. I am not sure that it has made much of a dent in my stash busting quest though. Although there will be 72 warmer heads. Here is hat number 72.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Zenning Again

This week with the encouragement of my friend Vicky, I am taking zenning to a whole new level. I have started going through my craft bags looking for unfinished objects. Henceforth to be called UFO's. So far I have emptied one bag completely. Finished three scarfs. Did I mention create more small balls of yarn for hats? Found a lot of knitting needles. In my defense in the past when I had too many empty knitting needles I just cast on a few more projects. Stash them away in a craft bag until I was bored and needed a new challenge. This is why I have so many bags filled with UFO's.

I am going to try to eliminate the extra craft bags.  There are no guarantees here though. I have so many beautiful project bags. I now have a lifetime supply of large tote bags and project bags. Some I will pass on to new knitters that I teach. Some will be used for shopping, although since the zenning project began a few years ago, I am less likely just to go shopping if I am bored. I am more aware of what I bring into the house. I just don't buy more stuff. The exception here seems to be yarn, roving and tissue paper. After all I have spinning wheels, looms and knitting needles to keep busy, not to mention my idle hands.

Eric is having less bad nights since we discover that his vitamin D was contaminated. Last night was an exception. I was up with him until 4 am. Got a little sleep when he settled in. We both took naps this morning. I am still at the point where my energy reserves are completely gone. So I need to slow down a bit until they are back. A perfect time to sit and knit.

Now what to make for dinner.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Good Day

Today is the first day in a very long time that the laundry got washed dried and put away on the same day. Considering the laundry was overflowing from the laumdry room, I think that this is great. Yes, the impossible does happen from time to time.

I also managed to lay out Teri's blanket on a table in the craft room. The idea behind this is that because the blanket is so big, that it usually takes longer to find a place to put it and set it up each time that I want to knit. So it is now ready for me to walk in and do random knitting. Today I had time to knit 3 short rows. In case you were wondering, it is a queen size blanket knit in a modular pattern. Yes those are U.S. Size 7 knitting needles. What was I thinking?

I am also waiting for Eric to fall asleep. We put him down at 7 pm to give hime 3 hours to settle down. It is now almost mid-night. Hopefully I can get him settled down in the next hour or so. Wish me luck.

Saturday, September 9, 2017


Last night I got 11 hours of sleep. It felt wonderful. My only problem is that one great night of sleep does not make up for all the sleep that I lost over the summer.

After a slow start I did manage to get a 1 load of laundry done. I also got to watch Dinosaur Train with Eric while I got to knit. I am off to knit now.

Thursday, September 7, 2017


In the past two days I have consolidated 4 bags and 1 basket of hat yarn into 1 basket and 1 bag. So I now have 3 empty bags that used to hold yarn. Progress. I also managed to finish 2 hats and 2 scarfs today. Yes, I did cast on 2 more hats, I don't want the knitting needles to get lonely. I also found this UFO hat and added 3 more inches to it.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

It's Been Awhile

I have been busy deep cleaning and taking care of the guys. We have also had a nice visit from Teri and Tej. Eric had also received a very bad batch of vitamin D,  that was contaminated with bacteria. So tomorrow we will start another round of antibiotics to make sure it has cleared his system. Did I mention that the contaminated vitamin D has already caused one round on pneumonia.

So what did I do when both guys cleared the house today? Since I have a fundraiser coming up in October, all bets would be on , making some jewelry. Maybe tagging and pricing some finished pieces. Maybe even warping a loom or putting together the new loom. If you choose any of the above you would have been wrong. I was too tired to do any of it. Instead I took a 3 1/2 hour nap. It in no way makes up for all the lost sleep over the past month but I do feel better.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Blender to Tuesday

Monday evening as I wrote my blog I had such great plans for Tuesday. Well long story short, Eric shared his cold with me. I am not quite sure how Eric and I made it through Tuesday. Did I mention that this cold hit me like a brick wall, hard and fast? Wednesday was a little better, I even had the energy to watch Sesame Street with Eric after napping all morning. Eric was nice enough to nap all morning too.

Today Eric made it back to program and I slept for most of the day. On the sweater that  I am now knitting is about 1 inch below the arm holes in the mid 50's by row count. Now I know why some friends prefer to knit sweaters in the round, no purling every other row. I am also way behind on chores. I know that I will catch up 5 minutes at a time. I need to leave plenty of recovery time.

My sleep cycle is really messed up from Eric being sick and this silly cold. So the first thing I need to do is reset it. I figure with about 5 minutes of zenning the craft room tonight that I will be tired enough to sleep. Wish me luck.

Monday, August 21, 2017


My plans for Tuesday are already in the blender. I will be at home with Eric all day. Although the fever has broken from the cold, his asthma has kicked in with vengeance. So while Eric is busy watching PBS kids, I will get the serger out and make some more cleaning rags out of old cloth diapers. The cloth diapers last for about 2 years of Eric use and then become rags that last forever. I serge the old diapers in half so that they don't land up back in Eric's room.  Oh, and I love how the cloth diaper maker has raised the price about 5% in the last 2 years, but it is now a 5 pack instead of a 6 pack. So the price increase is actually much more. Can we say inflation?

While cleaning the craft room today, I finally added the charms to Teri's charm bracelet. So  instead of spending 20 minutes trying to figure out where to put the charm bracelet I spent 10 minutes getting the actual work done. Now the next time she comes for a visit she can take it home. I also have filled another box with craft supplies for Eric's day program, although I don't know when he will be well enough to go back. I am down to the dibs and drabs of the zenning and must resist the urge to stuff everything in a closet for later. Maybe I can fill another bag to go.

The sweater is coming along quite nicely. I am almost finished with the first skein of yarn and I am 34 rows into the pattern. The pattern called for 24 inch circular knitting needles. At row 18 I changed to 36 inch circular knitting needles. Tonight at row 30 I changed to 60 inch circular knitting needles. I wonder who goofed up on this one? In about 10 rows, I will take the sleeves and put them on stitch holders. Then finish the body and go back to do the sleeves. I am thinking at this point that it will take about a month to finish. I am also thinking that I might just have enough yarn to make it a long sleeve sweater. I bought enough yarn to make this sweater 2 sizes larger. This is my first me sized sweater. The 2 sweaters that I made for Elmo went much faster.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

A Long Night

Eric was up most of the night. I managed to knit 5 rows of my sweater. Eric managed to make 4 loads of laundry. I did half last night and John did the other half while I took a nap. Eric is back on formula tonight, I will take this as a good sign. Eric will be home tomorrow.

I did manage to get a little cleaning done while Eric was doing his breathing treatment. As usual when Eric is sick, I fall behind on cleaning. Hopefully he will sleep tonight so I have the energy to finish the craft room deep cleaning. I also need to do laundry other than Eric's. Then I can knock off a few projects.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Raising the White Flag

I am rasing the white flag today. The household has not fully recovered from the last round of colds. Eric has been cranky all day. So before I went out shoe shopping I checked Eric's tempature to make sure that I could leave the house. 98.6, I was good to go. Two pairs of shoes and 1 1/2 hours later it was 100.5. So much for finishing the craft room today.

i have finished row 21 of the sweater. Hopefully I can find some knitting time for the sweater later. If not it will just be hats and scarfs for charity. Tight now it's just Eric time.

Friday, August 18, 2017

My Body Won Today.

I have been super busy around here and putting in very long work days. Today my body said it had had enough and instituted mandatory naps three times today. I even slept through a round of Eric thumping a few feet away and I did not hear a thing. I do have to admit that after a lot of rest I do feel better. That being said my to do list for today might take me a few days longer to complete.

Even though I only put in about 30 minutes of deep cleaning, de-cluttering and de-stashing I was able to fill a box and a half of things to be re-homed. I have completely de-cluttered the top of the fabric storage cabinet. So even though the sewing room did not get finished today,  visible progress has been made.

I have also made progress on my first ever sweater. I started it about 10 years ago. Lost a bunch of weight and sizes so it did not fit when I pulled it out 6 months ago to finish, so I tinked it. I re-started it yesterday 2 sizes smaller and have made slow but steady progress. Pictures to come later.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

More Zenning

Today was day two of zenning the craft room. There were some surprises along the way again, such as finding out that I had done enough knitting to move a lot of yarn to the closet yarn stash. Also 18 cotton yarn cones takes up about a cubic feet of space.

I am trying to organize the rack by fiber craft. This makes it much easier to see what I have lined up. Yes, I also found more yarn, please tell me that you are not surprised by this. I need to set up the wider loom to make some more rag rugs and summer shawls, yes I found a lot of supplies. A few quilts are in the line up too. Before and after pictures will be forth coming.

Today I sent 5 knitting looms to Ironwood Ridge Elementary School for their hat knitting project. One class makes hats for sick kids and baby's at the local hospital. A great project to support in my very humble opinion.

My hands are still tired and sore from last weekend so only about a half of an inch of knitting got done. I did however make a chicken tomatillo soup for dinner.  Cutting the vegetables was very interesting to say the least, no even cuts today. The best part is that we have enough for tomorrow too. Let me know if you want the recipe.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


I went to a fiber retreat last weekend and had a wonderful time. I think that I might have had too much fun. My hands are now toasted. I will have to take a few days of total hand rest with no fiber. My left hand is a little swollen.

So I guess that I will redo the craft room and do some more purging of things that I do not use. After all less is more, well maybe. I found a lot of knitting needles today where I did not expect to find them. So you know which room that I will be in tomorrow.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Deep Cleaning

My deep cleaning by the numbers today:

1 car load to taken Goodwill, thanks to John.

2 boxes ready to be re-homed tommrow. 1 box is full of art supplies. 1 box is full of carrier and gift bags and cfl light bulbs.

3 trips to the recycle bin. My recycle bin is now half full and it will not be collected until next Monday.

Countless projects were put together to be finished soon. I need to finish the deep cleaning of the craft room and its closet. I did manage to get about 3 cubic feet of closet back.

I also managed to get 2 loads of laundry finished. I also found time for a long nap.

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Quilt Front.

The quilt arrived safely. The person loves it. So here is a picture of the front of the quilt.

Friday, August 4, 2017


Today before breakfast I got Eric's laundry started. Then I spent 30 minutes picking up the dead branches that I removed from some bushes on Wednesday. I stopped when the trash can was full. I did not think that I had removed so many dead branches from the two bushes. The bushes look a lot better even with only a drizzle of rain.

After breakfast I spent the morning making some samples for next weekend. This was followed by lunch and 3 hour nap for the entire house. Everyone gets super tired when Eric is sick, so picking out a nap spot is very important.

This afternoon after my nap I cleaned my Woolie Winder for the Lendrum spinning wheel. It was the first time that I cleaned it. I layed all the parts down in the order that they came off. After scrubbing the grease and grime off, not to mention a few bits of very greasy fiber, everything went back together and is working. I wish that I had a magnifying glass for some parts of the process. Hen while dinner was cooking I spent time cleaning.

I think that I will spend the evening knitting as my hands permit.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Not As Planned

Today went into the blender by 7:15 this morning. Eric is feeling yucky and will be home for a few days. My hands were to tired to knit for most of the day, so I landed up doing some more deep cleaning. All kinds of things were moved to new homes or tossed. Two bushes also had some dead wood pulled off. It was a great stress buster. One bush actually perked up as the heavy dead wood was removed. I will have to play pick up sticks tomorrow.

What did not happen was laundry, weaving spinning or sewing.

Monday, July 31, 2017


I fell short of my goal of 31 hats in 31 days. Here are the 25 hats that are finished for July, with the last two hats in front of the other 23 hats. I will keep knitting hats because winter is comimg. I will keep knitting hats to use up the yarn my friends are giving me. I will keep knitting hats because the children like them. I will keep knitting hats becasue I like to knit hats and I have many heads to cover.

Now I need to count the rows for the one million row challenge on Raverly. I hope to see a jump in the counter. Then its time to tag and bag the hats.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Quilt

The quilt is done. I am getting it ready to send the birtday gift out in tommrows post. I will only post the back of the quilt until it is received by the birthday person. It looks a little like a Tetrus Game to me.

Saturday, July 29, 2017


Eric had a long and eyrpy night, followed by an early morning wake up for me. Which lead to an early morning snack of cheese and crackers at 4:30 am. Thank goodness he is now feeling better. Yes, he did make a pile and a half of laundry which with the new washing machine was only 2 large loads.

I did manage to get hat number 23 done today. This does not mean that I will go back to knitting a hat a day. I will knit as my hands permit me to knit.

Friday, July 28, 2017


I spent the day sewing. This was a plan to give my hands a break. I tried to work around a BBD and had partial sucess. I finished one quilt, which is now in the dryer. Pictures of the quilt will be posted after the birthday person gets to unwrap it. I started catching up on repairs too.. one skirt is now in the wash and the next one will head to the wash tomorrow.

By lunch time my body won and got a nap. Everyone went to their own quiet place to take a nap. The nap did not seem to make a diffrence for Eric. He had a small sizure tonight followed by by wild eyrps an hour later. So we will be laying low all weekend. I wonder how much cleaning and sewing that I can get done this weekend. Laundry is a given, it just depends on how much laundry Eric makes. I am backing down on knitting until my hands feel better. This means that I will not get 31 hats knit this month but every hat that I have made so far will help a child. Let me know if you want to knit a hat, scarf or sweater for a child in Tucson. I have some donated yarn that you can use.

Have a great weekend.

Sunday, July 23, 2017


You might have noticed that my knitting has slowed to a crawl. My hands are being very cranky. So I have been filling my time with deep cleaning. It is starting to take some thought as to what is going to get cleaned next. I have also taken out the sewing machine to catch up on repairs and make a few items for this October's Taglit fundraiser. I need to come up with new an exciting gifts that people have not seen before. I also want to use as many supplies from my art supply stash as possible. As I am organizing things, I have found that I have more art supplies than I thought I did. So look for some awesome new stuff in October.

With out futher ado here is hat 22 and part of the new quilt.

Friday, July 21, 2017


Hat 21 is done dispite a bad body day.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

19 and 20

I finished hat 19 this morning and hat 20 just now. Now to start on tomorrow's hat. Knitting on a rainy night seems like the right thing to do. I am also hoping that Eric goes to sleep before 12:30 am tomorrow morning. I am a bit on the tired side.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Not Quite 19

I had a very busy hand day. So hat number 19 will be finished in the morning. With my hands at a throbbing level of pain, I thought it best to stop for the night. I will put on gloves to keep my hands warm tonight. I know they will feel better by morning. So tomorrow you will get to see 2 hats.

I am over 2/3 of the way through cutting the 360 squares for my quilt project. Hum, I wonder if that is why my hands are extra sore? I am cutting the lining squares now. I will have enough scraps left over to make an artisy quilt. I can't wait to see how they both turn out.

I even had time to go drop things off at Goodwill today. It seems to me, that the cleaner and less cluttered the house gets, less stuff needs to be rehomed. I guess that is a good thing since I now have more creative time.

I am still waiting for Eric to go to sleep. Hopefully soon. I tnik I might just get to sleep before tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

18 and Visible Progress

Today I finished hat number 18. I also emptied a 2.5 gallon bag of yarn that was on top of the hat yarn storage box. That yarn is now in the working knitting bag. I also cut 50 more squares for the quilt.

It was a light laundry day, with only 2 loads. I even found time to go to two specialty stores. I used the 5 minute rule for house cleaning to get a little deep cleaning done too. So dispite Eric being up until 12:30 this morning I managed to get a lot done dispite my body hating me this morning.

Monday, July 17, 2017

17 and Awesome

Hat number 17 is now finished. Hats 18 and 19 have been cast on and are in progress. I used the bulk of my energy running errands this morning. I purchased 4 rotery cutter blades so when the new blade gets dull it will not halt progress on the quilt. I hope tommrow I can be more productive.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hat 16 and More

Today I finished hat number 16. I will give a row count at the end of the month for the one million row challenge on Raverly. I also started cutting out blocks for my next quilt project. I only need to cut 360 squares before I start the sewing. I have 56 squares cut. Then my rotary cutter blade went dull. So I will get more blades tomorrow, then finish cutting the squares.

It's time to do more knitting now.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

15 and More

I got to go watch Sue Houseman of Sewing with Sue give a talk today. If you ever have a chance to see her talk, it is a must do. She had lots of wonderful ideas. I will be trying some out soon.

Hat number 15 is done. Hats 16 and 17 have been cast on.

Friday, July 14, 2017


even with abad body day, I managed to get hat 14 finished tonight.

Thursday, July 13, 2017


It' been a long day, but hat 13 is done.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Hat number 12.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


A very long day. Our first rain of the summer was last night. A nice lighting storm. I finished hat 11 today.

Monday, July 10, 2017


The 10th hat of the month. Also a lot of sewing.

Sunday, July 9, 2017


I spent most of the day cleaning. I did a little deep cleaning too. When I was too tired to do anything else I srarted sewing pillows for Eric. I have 2 out of the 5 that the program requested. To try to deter pillow theft this time in red permanent marker I wrote "Stolen from Eric K" on the pillows in spots where they can not be covered up. They only question remaining is how fast they will be stolen from Eric this time? On the knitting front I finshed hats 8 &9. Hats 10 & 11 are now cast on.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Record Breaking Heat

Today we broke a heat record set when my dad was a kid. It was 111f. I also caught up on sleep. Because of the heat I picked Eric up early from his program. We watched the movie Home, which Eric wants to watch again. i finished spinning one roving from and started the second one of the same color way.

After 2 hours of spinning, it was time to finish another hand knit hat. So far this month I have finished 7 hats with a goal of 31. Making one hand knit hat every day in July. This will accomplish 3 things. First making a small dent in my odd balls of yarn. Second making me happy and productive. Last but not least it will give 31 kids who would not have warm hats next wimter a warm hat. If I excede my goal it would be very nice, but I need to get to 31 first. As usual I have one cotton and one wool hat on the needles.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I Took Time Off Today

This last flare up just won't go away. So I took some extra rest time today. I spent the morning after dropping Eric off at his program with my feet up finishing hat number 4 for the month. I then cast on another cotton hat, so the knitting needles would not get lonely.

I did do a few chores but skipped the laundry because it was well over 100f by 10:30am. After lunch I started readimg a new book until I fell asleep. I woke up just intime to pick up Eric. I got my Tour de Fleece spinning in while we caught up on yesterdays concerts and fire works.

John was wonderful and brought home dinner. After dinner I finished hat number 5 for the month and cast on another wool hat. I am rather happy that i am knitting so many hats, but I swear the next person who was born in the snow belt that says "it's not cold enough for winter clothes in Arizona will be sent home at the first sign of snow..

Monday, July 3, 2017

Tour de Fleece 2017

My first spin of this years Tour de Fleece was 8 ounces of Superwash BFL dyed by Into The Whriled in 2012. I love the roving that they dye, so here is the link, Yes i am stash busting for this years Tour de Fleece. I was trying to spin a fractial, I did not quite make it. Since it took almost an hour to skein and photograph, I am counting it towards the first 3 days os spinning.

Sunday, July 2, 2017


I have decided that it is a little bit more than silly to need a charity hat and a size one knitting needle. So I will be tinking the hat can and then use is in the Yarn double stranded in another charity hat.

Saturday, July 1, 2017


In June I knit 17 hats for charity.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

In The Blender

Eric had a rough night last night and I don't even remember what time that I got him settled down for the night.  All I know is that 6 am came much too quickly. Eric's bad night lasted for most of the day. So,Eric skipped his day program and helped me sort the double pointed knitting needles by size. I now can say that I know where most of my double pointed knitting needles are. I think that I can lose quite a few before I have to run out and buy replacements. Of course there is still the odd one floating around the house and a set with each hat knitting bag. I keep one bag for knitting animal fiber hats and one bag for plant based fiber hats. The are no bags for petroleum based fiber hats, as I feel that no one should be forced to wear clothing made from a non-renewable resource.

I think that I will be putting all my knitting accessories in one spot too. I have not decided what I will put all the accessories in yet. That and single pointed straight knitting needles will be done on Friday. I find it kinda of odd that after over 30 years of marriage that I am finally starting to understand my engineer's mind for organization and that sometimes less is more.

I usually do not run the washer and dryer after 100f, but I got a late start at  laundry today. Even though I was finished with the laundry by 10:30 am it was over 100f already. It did feel on the cooler side today at lunch time it felt a bit chilly at 105f with a light breeze after last weeks 115f and 116f days.

I also found time to start knitting a new wool hat tonight and am halfway through with it. I think that is is time to go do some reading.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Circular Knitting Needles

Today I started organizing my knitting needles starting with the circular needles. I had the knitting needles in 3 different areas. Hopefully having them in one spot will make things easier to find the right knitting needle when I need one for a project. They are also off my closet floor. The needles, are sorted from U.S. size 0 to size 50. They are also in a container that will not allow them to fall on the floor.  I really like the idea of my knitting needles not falling on the floor. Of course this does not include the knitting needles on projects. I must have a lot of projects on sizes, 6, 7, 8 and 11's.  Tomorrow I will work on the double point needles. I will save the straight knitting needles for Friday. As you can tell my deep cleaning has slowed down quite a bit, but I am down to the knitty gritty of the job so things are going much slower pace. 

I also managed to finish knitting 2 hats and casting another cotton hat on. I like to keep a cotton hat for knitting on the go and a wool hat to knit at home. I still need to cast on a wool hat. At a year post hand surgery I am still limited by my hands in how long I can knit each day, but at least I can knit again. 

Monday, June 26, 2017


I have lost count of the days it has been over 105f in a row so far this summer. Yet I know that winter is coming and the knitting of children's hats and scarfs is on going, besides they don't sit in my lap as I knit.

I am really enjoying having a huge washing machine. I can wash most of Eric's clothes every other night as it has been too hot to run the machine during the day.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Still Hot at 116f

We are deep into a summer weather advisory here in Tucson, this just means that it will be over 110f. It also usually means that afternoon flights will be canceled in Phoenix and Tucson. I personally love this summer weather, but Eric on the other hand can not handle the heat. So he is going to program in the morning when it is still relatively cool like the 93f  drive time temperature today. By lunchtime when I pick him up it was 109f, a very warm temperature for Eric. When we got home we sat under the ceiling fan until I was cold.

As with yesterday I spent my time preparing fiber and knitting while we watched PBS kids all afternoon. As of now it is back down to 109f at dinner time. It is trying really hard to rain but I don't think we have enough humidity yet. A best we might get some lighting and thunder. By bedtime it will be cool enough to run the washer and dryer.

On a different note, this issue always seems to be coming around and just will not go away. I know that there are a whole lot of groups that like hand knit items to give away for their charity projects. They want a certain yarn or pattern used.  I think that this is a kind and wonderful jester. However, and this is a big however, I knit what I want in the fibers that I want. The Flowing Wells School District Clothing Bank gets the bulk of my knitting, John and I are fine with this. I take care of children in my own community. Their students like my very colorful hats and scarfs, made with cotton, wool, nylon and alpaca.  I know that people that live in the snow belt will not agree that around 70f is cold enough to warrant giving the children winter clothing. Did I mention that it was 116f today? I do think that a 46 degree drop in temperature is enough to warrant the use of winter clothing. So as John put it so nicely at dinner tonight, "Knit what you want to knit, unless it is a paying job. Then they can have what they pay for," So before you badger me to knit for your group, please remember that I already have a group that I knit for.

Monday, June 19, 2017

What To Do When It's 115f Outside

Hats are my favorite thing to knit in summer. They are small . They don't sit on my lap. They are like M&M's, I just can't knit one. My goal was to knit a hat a day for the whole summer. Right now I am only knitting 5 hats per week. A little short of my goal. You do know that winter is coming and I won't look so silly then.

Sunday, June 18, 2017


It has been a bit on the busy side here. I also have a post elbow flare up. So I am trying to keep up. I might just hit brake even this week instead of being 3 steps behind. With record breaking heat expected here this week I will get my chores done early and knit the rest of the day.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Knitting Needles

After changing out the knitting needles for the fourth time today, I got some smooth and quick knitting on a project that has been driving me nuts for months. I landed up using a retro pair of mismatched needles from the 1960's that were passed down to me. I thought that I would never use such ugly aluminum knitting needles, but they did the trick.

I also have to find some fine sandpaper to repair one pair of needles that were ruined by using them to knit silk with. I have learned not to knit silk on wooden knitting needles. I guess the right needles for each yarn is very important.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Need Sleep

Eric had a bad night last night and I did not get much sleep last night. Then Eric thew an hour and a half hissy fit because I would not take him to his day program today, which was closed for the holiday. I really need to sleep tonight, so I am praying that Eric sleeps tonight. Good night all.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Slow Day

The house painting was finished today. I also finished knitting 2 hats. I am not sure why i am so tired.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Putting the Pad Down

Today I did not feel like cold leftovers. Still not up to going out though. So I decided to put my pad down and see how many UFO's that I could finish. It started off well until I found some very pretty yarn that was saying you must drop everything and play with me. So I now have one more UFO. I will see what I can finish tonight.

I also went on a drop spindle hunt tonight. I have decided to thin the herd. So I will be spinning on almost all of my drop spindles in the next week or so to see which are staying and which are leaving. Just so you know in advance none of the Forresters, Bosworths or Goldings will be leaving the herd. I have to draw the line somewhere. After that is finished i will start on the knitting needles.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Round 2

My elbow did not finish healing after the first round of medicine. So tonight I started the next 10 day course of medicine. This means that i will not have earth shattering strength for the next 10 days. This is to read that I will be mostly resting on the couch or napping. The side effects of the medicine have already kicked in.

Since Eric has no program for most of the next 10 days I think what we are going to be hanging around the house. Maybe Eric will be supervising naps.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mostly Sleeping

I am still on the antibotic for the infection. My elbow looks better, although I am sleeping a lot. Not a lot is getting done around here but sleeping. We have delay our Mothers Day for 1 week. This gives us the advantage of me feeling better and the University of Arizona graduation hoopla will be done.

Have a grat week everyone.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Feeling Yucky

Things have slowed down here. I landed up getting sick. The doctor got me in earlier today and I am finished with day one of the meds. Only 9 days to go. I hope that I don't get hopelessly behind, as I was really starting to catch up.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

May the 4th Be With You

As I write this post the ultimate sci-fi fan day is about to come to an end. I am still up with the end of a migraine and waiting for Eric's numbers to stabilize. Crashing at night seems to be the new norm around here.

We are also celebrating Ice Break Day here in Tucson. It is the 1st 100 degree day of the year and the ice has finally broken on the Rillito River. It is time to get that fishing gear out. It is time to going fishing for the legendary Sand Trout that inhabit the mostly bone dry river bed of the Rillito River. Although I have to say this is a strange beginning to summer as it is expected to snow at the higher elevations here at the beginning of next week. They are also still skiing at the Flagstaff Snow bowl. Global warming sure makes the weather really weird.

I will post a spinning wheel for sale this weekend. Look for it on FaceBook and possibly Ravelry. Other goodies might be listed also. 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Music and More

Eric wanted more music in his room. So I spent 35 minutes today cleaning up Eric's dresser and chasing down electrical cords. I landed up with an extra power cord and a charger for a phone brand that we don't even own. I don't even know who left it here.  The remote control needs a new battery, but John will take care of that tomorrow. Eric spent the rest of the day listening to music, with the base to high. I guess he does not like most of whats on TV this season. 

I also found another box of crafts that had been in the garage. In it I found my favorite knitting bag, 2 unfinished knitting projects with no patterns. I think that I can finish without the pattern, the other one not so much, it might just be tinking* time. I also found more fabric to make Eric some more blankets, not that he needs anymore blankets at the moment.  One bag full of yarn, I took what I wanted and will bring the rest to knitting next week. 

I have also decided that I have too many big project bags. So I sorted through a pile of them. It looks like after the first cut 20% of the will leave the house on Friday. I also have too many yarn storage bags and a few of those will leave the house tomorrow. The deep cleaning is still on going, but at a better pace for my body. 

*Tinking  is Knitting spelled in a somewhat backward state. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I Really Said This

This morning I can't believe I used the line, "but my daughter is a lawyer" when someone got a little too "I am feeling sorry for you because your son is in an adult day program. I am very lucky that Eric is in an adult day program. There is a nationwide shortage of adult day program slots across the country.  I am very lucky that my local JCC cared enough about our family to create an adult day care program that Eric can go to and hang out with his friends.

Now I want everyone to know that I Love my children equally and am very blessed to have both of them in my life. They have each taken me down a different path in life. They have both taught me about life in their own way. I am very grateful that they let me come along for the ride.

It has not always been an easy path. I feel that at times I was not the best at my job of mom. I might not have given it my all to both Teri and Eric all the time. We manage to muddle through it somehow. We are a close tight family so I know that I did somethings right.

So I would like to say, Thank You to Teri and Eric for giving me a chance to be your mom. I would also like to say Thank You, to John for joining me in this adventure.

Friday, April 28, 2017

It Fell

Last night as I was putting a hat on the pile of hats and scarfs it fell over. Luckily for me it leaned against the wall. So how many hats, scarfs and cowls did it take to tip over? Here are the numbers: 29 hats, 4 scarfs and 1 cowl.
I will let you know how many rows are going to added for the 1 million row challenge on Raverly when I count them up.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Parenting and in particular the parenting of special needs children and adults is the parent's job. In speaking to more than a number of parents on the subject more often then not I hear them complain about the lack of long term commitment from teachers, medical professionals and aides. This just rubs me the wrong way. Don't get me wrong sometimes there are just so many new people in Eric's life that I think my job should be called Training Specialist and not Mom.

I think that it is fantastic that ordinary people take time out of their lives to learn about and help our children. We have a lot of aides who need the volunteer credit, even if it is a paying job with a non-profit to get into medical or nursing school. I really love these people, they learn quickly are usually great at the task at hand and then move on when it is time for medical school. If we get these people from a year or 2, I am extremely happy. The things that they learn while caring for Eric can then be transferred to other families and enhance their carers. But they are not his parents and are not meant to be in his life forever.

Then there are the heroic Special Needs Teachers that not only have to learn a whole lot of things about their students medical and emotional needs even before the education process can even start. Also, every year there seems to be more paperwork required for each student, think of the 504 Plans, Individual Education Plans, paperwork to prove that grant money is being spent within the terms of the grant. Accident reports if a child stumbles and the corrective action that will be taken in the future so the child learning to walk will not stumble again. Did I mention parents with unrealistic goals for their children. From the start of teaching special education to leaving the field average is 10 years. No they will not be there forever. Neither will the teachers of your healthy children.

As for the wonderful people who staff our Adult Day Care Programs, please be very nice to these people. The pay is lower than I would like to see it. The hours are long. Our young adults are sometimes very difficult to work with. If you have a chance schedule a day to shadow your adult child and see how the staff works with them. I am always very happy to see these caring people go back to school to further their carers wherever it takes them. They are not meant to be in our adult children's lives forever.

Ending on a note that no one wants to think about is what happens if you as the parent gets hurt or you can't do your job as a parent? Do you have a backup plan in place? Does your support coordinator have this in writing. If you have guardianship for your adult child, the courts must approve the plan. Talk to your lawyer about this. Your relatives might not be up to the task. Planning is a must.

Just remember that nothing is forever.

Monday, April 24, 2017


The pile of hats and scarfs is now 2 feet tall and starting to tilt. It's almost time to tag and bag them.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

More Changes

More deep cleaning in the garage and Teri's old room. More of my the past left the house too. The bicycle that I bought when I was 13 made its way to Goodwill today along with a few other things. All my fiber is off the floor in Teri's old room. I am closer to getting a workbench into the room. The garage looks a whole lot better.

I have also moved some summer shirts that were too small last summer into my daily shirt rotation. My diet is simple, elimated all artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup. My excersice plan is just as simple. I do more cleaning house,including deep cleaning and more walking. Just keep moving. This works for me,but please check with your personal physician before starting any diet or excersice routine.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Little Things

Today was a day of getting a lot of small things done. Days like this are necessary for the overall project, but are not as satisfying as getting lots accomplished. I think slower days are sometimes good for my body too.

Monday, April 17, 2017


Three boxes plus a pair of roller skates left for Goodwill today. Thee bags of recycling let the house too. Eric and I spent most of the day recouping from yesterday.

I have also come to the conclusion that engineers and artists look at mass in different ways. This is especially true when it come to de-cluttering and reorganization of the household.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

90 Percent

Much to my own surprise the deep cleaning of the garage hit the 90% completion mark today. I lost count at seven boxes today, but kept going. Although we did not make our usual Sunday run to Goodwill because of Easter Sunday, I am sure I can fill the center of the van one more time for two good causes on Monday. The first being a cleaner garage for me and a new space to store my overflowing yarn for weaving and the second being good for the environment by help keep my local Goodwill shop stocked. We also topped of the recycling bin today too as an added bonus.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

It's Finished

Last month I said I would make a dog pillow for my hairdressers
Great Pyrenees Puppy. Today I finished it. Since it was to big for the sewing table I had to use the kitchen table, it was even a bit big for it too. So the things I used, 1 yard by 66 inches wide heavy canvas cloth along with over 10.75 pounds of stuffing. Yes it weighs 11 pounds, but I understand it still weighs less than the puppy. This was a great community effort, I want to thank all the knitters, weavers and spinners for their scraps of fiber. Eric also contributed his worn out shorts and socks. John even threw in a few pairs of old socks to get the pillow done sooner.

Sorry for the sideways picture. As you can see the pillow is almost the size of the kitchen table.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Happy Holidays

Nothing says it's holiday time around our house like someone being sick. Tonight it's Eric's turn. I just wanted to check on Eric because he looked a bit rough around the edges at breathing treatment time. He still looked a bit under the weather so I checked his stats, they were exceptionally good tonight. Next was the awful look and the eyrping started. Two loads of laundry later he is calm and sleeping again. Happy Passover everyone.

What I was really going to write about tonight was our fantastic cleaning spree this weekend. We filled the middle of the van again with stuff for Goodwill. This time almost 2 layers full. I even sent my wedding dress so another bride can use it to start her happy life. The recycle bin and trash can were also filled to overflowing. I even got John in on the cleaning project. His work room is looking great. The end is maybe in sight all that is left to go through is in the corner. Now this might not seem like a lot, but imagine a 2 car garage with bins two deep and a little over5 feet tall, that is where I bagan. Most of it has left the house. My plan for the future is no more than 3 bins high and only one row. Wish me luck.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

A Blast From The Past.

This is your lol* for the day. I just found this in the garage while cleaning. It is a fully loaded earthquake kit that moved with us from California in 1994, complete with Sesame Street cups for the kids. It was replenished after the Northridge earthquake and John got transferred shortly afterward. 

We have not needed it in Arizona, but I think I will still replace the batteries and dried food. This goes along with being prepared. I think even dried food has a life span and I am sure it is less than 20+ years.

*lol is laugh out loud. 

Friday, April 7, 2017


I love buttons. I have lots of buttons. I have been just throwing them in quart size jars without regard of size, shape, style or materials for years. This meant that every time I needed buttons for a project I had to sort through at least a gallon of buttons to find the ones I needed.

That ended today today when I was looking for four buttons to finish a scarf that I finished knitting yesterday. Because of a few decades of looking for the right button set, the buttons were spread over six different jars. So today I decided to sort all most all the buttons. Now I only sorted the loose buttons in the jars, not the ones in the boxes. I think I might just have a lifetime supply of men's dress shirt buttons. I have less children's buttons than I thought I had. I really should have done this years ago. I still have a few more buttons to sort. I am hoping that this will speed up the button find process for me.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

An Open Letter to Realtors

Dear Realtor,

You might have read in this blog that I have been doing a really good job of purging our house of items that we no longer need. Please don't assume that I am doing this because we are moving. It is quite the opposite, we are zenning the house to make more room to do the things we love to do. We are getting rid of items that we no longer use and passing them on to people who need them. This is good for the environment and our well being. We do not need to keep everything we ever bought, really. We are also supporting the works of our local Goodwill.

So my one request to you is stop calling. The answer is NO we ARE NOT SELLING OUR HOUSE.


I Love my Cleaner Home

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

High School Reunions

It seems hard to imagine that my 40th High School Reunion is right around the corner. I have been going back and forth on whether to go to it. On one hand I would be seeing people that I have not seen since graduating high school. Then there would be that room full of old people, yes I know that we are all within a couple of years chronologicaly. Some have been posting pictures of kids and grandkids and a few who started families at a younger age are posting pictures of great grandchildren. That's not me, I am not even there yet. I am in no rush. Most are still working full time, I am still in the stay at home mom mode, still driving my car pool of 1 child. What would we talk about. I am sure that it is not important to many of my fellow classmates to know the PBS, Sprout and HBO kids tv schedules. Fiber arts may bore them to death.

Then there are other considerations. I was not a popular person in high school. I was always on the outside. That much has not changed in my life. If I was Important enough in their lives they would not only contact me on a 10 year cycle. If they really wanted to contact me, I am not that hard to find.

Then there is the fact that the event is not in Tucson. That would involve either 2 days flying, car rental and a hotel room or 4 days driving and hotel rooms. Is it worth the time and money? I would rather stay at home with my guys. Go out for a quick dinner with John then spend it with a roomful of strangers.

I think I will will follow the path of a few of my classmates who had extraordinary lives after high school and skip the event. Sheri CHS Class of 1977.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Trying to Find Balance

I told myself to take a day off from cleaning out the garage, instead I only worked 2 hours in the zenning project. I am sure the good folks at my local Goodwill store will think that I am a silly mom. This batch will be mostly Hot Wheel Cars that Eric can no longer safely play with and even more McDonald's Happy Meal Toys. I think they lost some of their appeal to Eric when he could no longer see them. I also think that Teri will agree with John, "it's time to pass the toys on to other kids, so that they can have toys to play with". John already has plans for the space in the garage.

The hard part for me in letting go of some of Eric's old favorite toys is that he has lost so much ground over the years that he can no longer make the toys "work right". "Play time" is mostly hugging his favorite stuffed animals with John and I making up stories about what the friends are doing. Or even watching Sesame Street with Elmo.

I am finding it hard to make a balance between getting the garage finished before it hits the 100's in Tucson and spending enough time resting. As much as I would like to get the whole garage cleaned by this weekend, I know that much of a push will not be good for my arthritis. My body has not yet fully recovered from the yarn reorganization when I pushed it too hard this weekend to get the next project done. I have been fighting with a body that just wants to sit and sleep today.

The funny thing about this whole cleaning process, is that when I started zenning the house after reading "Zenning Your House in 5 Minutes a Day" I had a hard time just working for 5 minutes to throw things out. Now I only stop when exhaustion hits. This varies from day to day depending on my body. For the most part I can part with stuff without anxiety. I have learned which stuff to keep and which I just don't need anymore. I also learned that it is too time consuming to have a garage sale. Goodwill is the lazy woman's garage sale with a lot less work and no clean up afterward. With the added bonus of the people that Goodwill helps.

I wish I could say that it is bedtime at 11:00 pm, but I started Eric's meds late so I still have a while to stay awake. I am sure that this will not help my arthritis flare up either.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Garage

Today I managed to empty and sort 3 more boxes from the garage. I ran out of steam for box number 4 filled with knitting magazines. Considering that they have been in the garage since we remodeled the bathroom I might not have a use for them. I have a lot for Goodwill that I am hoping will leave the house this week. Instead of looking at the pile going of my goodness, I am instead think of just one box at a time. My goal this weekend was 2 boxes so getting 3 boxes done is fantastic in my humble opinion.

I found a whole whole lot of sewing projects and a sweater pattern that I have been looking for. So my plan going forward, is to get a few boxes done each day in the morning at the peak of my energy level for the day. In the afternoon body permitting I will get some sewing or craft projects done. I am trying to do this without an afternoon caffeine boost so there might just be more napping than crafting in the afternoons.

My my hope is to turn Teri's old bedroom into an electric workshop for John for the holidays. Although I think I will leave building the work bench to John. I really need to save my hand time for knitting, weaving, spinning and sewing.

Friday, March 31, 2017

A Ganga*

Well if you have been following my blog for awhile, you know that I have been going through a long term lifestyle change. These changes have resulted in a healthier me. This has also resulted in my clothes mysteriously growing in my closet. It can't be me though because the scale has been steady for a few months. Today I did Teri style shopping when I found a pair of pants that I liked, I bought all four pairs that they had. Even better they were a full size smaller than the same pants I bought last year. As if it could not get any better than 4 new pairs of pants and a smaller size, they were 70% off. So that was 4 pair of everyday pants for less than $60.00 plus local tax. Thats right 4 pair of pants for less than $60.00 total dollars. Just $14.83 for each pair of pants. They also asked if I needed any hangers and threw in 10 at no additional cost. I do love a good clearance sale.

I might have to start tagging and bagging my charity hats and scarfs because the pile is getting a bit unsteady. So look for the million row challenge row counter to jump in the near future.

I also plan on sending John on a Goodwill run sometime this weekend. De cluttering has hit the garage. With any luck I should have inside the house and garage done by December even with the hiccups life has been throwing us this year.

*A Ganga is Tucson speak for a fantastic deal

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Replacement

I did the unthinkable a few weeks back and destroyed my favorite Le Creuset pan I know I voided the life time warranty when I burnt dinner so badly that a small fire started in the bottom of my favorite pan. I managed to burn off some of the enamel. So this week I bought a replacement pan, it arrived today. The old pan will probably be turned into a very expensive dye pot because I can't use it for cooking anymore.

The new new pan has a slightly different shape and different style of lid. I am sure that it will become a new standard pan for my kitchen and cooking dinner.

Monday, March 27, 2017

A Contest

I was out grocery shopping today and ran across a new product. It claimed to be "Homemade" yet the second ingredient was high fructose corn syrup. Because this is such a bad labeling offense, I really should share the name of the company, but I also don't have deep pockets. I will tell you that it is a new summertime treat in the frozen food aisle. Read the labels before you buy. This leads me to the question of who really buys and stocks high fructose corn syrup for your kitchen at home? If this is something that you keep in your kitchen at home, I really want to know why and what you use I for.

Food labeling and mass marketing are so full of hyperbole, it is just as bad as it was in the 1960's. When sun tans were healthy. If you were pale like me, you were considered sickly. We now know that fabulous tan came with a high price, skin cancer and premature aging. When smoking was cool, yet ever spokesman for the product died of lung cancer. When sweet treats replaced fruit in school lunches. Is it even a wonder why, my generation and our kids and grand kids have weight issues. Even the European sewing machine company who's salespeople and management claim that everything they make is made in Europe, but has a label on the bottom of my sewing machine that says it is made in Thailand. I was under the impression that Thailand was an independent nation in southeast Asia and not a European city. Do the marketing firms believe that we are so under educated that all of this is fine?

What are some of the bad labeling offenses that you have seen? There will be a prize of my choice for the funniest one or two. Please feel free to comment.