My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I was a long night with Eric last night but I did manage to get all the laundry done last night. Although you have guessed correctly that is is yet to be folded.

After I dropped Eric off at camp I took the advice of a friend and took a nap. Well the morning was then gone. But after a light lunch I managed to get 3 baskets of mics. papers out to the recycling bin for a total of 4 baskets for the day.

On the knitting front I finished one more charity scarf and started another on the same small needles. I started another block on the blanket that never ends, well it will end but I am only approaching the 3 foot mark and have 4 feet left to knit. My one word of advice on this project. Never ever knit a queen sized blanket on size seven needles unless you really, really love the person receiving the blanket very much.

Well I am recharged again and am off to do more chores. Maybe I will even finish folding the laundry. have a great evening and enjoy your families.