My 1 Million Row Challenge

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Eric's First Day of Camp

Well today was the first day of camp for Eric. Eric’s one on one is a wonderful young lady that picked up on everything Eric very quickly. She had even managed to pick up tube feeding before we even finished lunch.

We had a brief tour of behind the scenes of the Tucson zoo and then went to lunch. It had been a long time since I had been to the zoo and I did like all the improvements that have been made. They now have a real lunch room with a real food menu. The snack only menu is a thing of the past.

After we got back one of the closing games was to remember each person’s name. One of the new campers could not pronounce our last name so I became Mrs. Eric. The first time I was called Mrs. Eric, Eric turned red but then he decided that it was a good name for me.

After a full day at camp with Eric I came home and sent scooba on his way and started the laundry. Then it was time to give Eric his evening breathing treatment and fold the laundry from last night. While Eric was doing his breathing treatment I almost finished the scarf that I had been working on for 3 days. I am using up the yarn from my stash that requires size 3 knitting needles. After a quick dinner of fish and chips it is now time to clean scooba and charge him for tomorrow. Then I can take the time to relax.

Have a great evening and enjoy your families.