My 1 Million Row Challenge

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Hat Lady

Today it was in the mid 90's when I went to the Flowing Well School District office. I was really hoping that they would take the 11 scarves and 63 hats that almost filled an XXL Ziplock Bag. John really wanted them out of the house. 

I was greeted by it's the hat lady. They were more than happy to take everything that I brought, even though it was still hot outside.   Even better they said that the kids loved the hats. 

Yes, you know me well. The next batch of hats and scarves are already in the works. I cast on 2 more hats today. I also finished the 1st hat of the next batch. I am also past the halfway point in the next baby blanket. 

So I think I really came to the right decision yesterday. I am back to creating and making.  The invisible pressure is off. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Letting Go

Some dreams are hard to let go of. Take my Etsy shop for example. I am just not selling anything. It is way more money out then money in. So I have spent the last month or so deciding weather I should continue it or not. Then G'd puts someone in the right place at the right time.

I was standing in line outside the opening of the new Whole Foods Market on Oracle this morning. I was knitting as usual. I was working on a wool hat. Then the unexpected happened. A woman behind me asked why I was knitting a wool hat in the middle of the summer heat. I told her that this was a charity hat for local kids in need. Now this is where the conversation gets even stranger. She said that she had just retired from the Flowing Wells School District where I had donated bags full of hats and scarfs last winter. "Last year some one donated a whole lot of hats just like the one I was knitting. All homemade. The kids just loved them. Sometimes even wearing them in the classroom to show that they had a new hat."

She then asked where these hats were going? I told here that I just drop them off at the superintendent's office of the Flowing Wells School district and then they take care of the rest. That brought a smile to her face. In that moment my mind was finally made up. Everything that I have earmarked for sale that does not involve silk or other fussy yarn will go to the kids.

This does not mean that I won't take on commissions. It just means that I will put more energy into designing patterns, charity knitting, weaving and other fiber arts. I will not be knitting in hopes that I can sell something. I know a few of you who are very close to me will say thank goodness and at last.

It also means that more knitting will leave the house. I know someone that will be very happy with this decision. It also means that I won't get depressed over my lack of sales, or waste hours of thinking how I can fix this.  Now it is time to spring sloppy joe's on John.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Scorpions and more

Today was just one of those odd days all around. Eric picked up the tummy bug going around. So it was a long night. Thank goodness I had caught up on laundry yesterday, so that I only had 2 loads to do last night. So I was very tired going into the the day. As I was gathering all the stuff and medicine to hook Eric up to his pedilyte this morning, I ran into a scorpion. I was not moving very fast, but it was moving slower than I was.  I was able to walk to the kitchen and get a long handled fry pan. This is my favorite tool for killing scorpions. By the time I got back it had not moved much.  This one was a tough one though, it took 3 smacks to kill it. After it was disposed of, I went back to getting Eric his medicine and pedilyte. Eric's aide was so happy that he did not have to go after the scorpion he even cleaned the bottom of the fry pan for me.

After I had slowly given Eric his medicine, I took advantage of having an aide in the house for Eric and took a nap. The rest of the day was spent knitting and sitting with Eric. I think the most odd part of the knitting today is that the hat I started last night is now 2/3 done, is exactly where I picked up the one I was working on and finished yesterday. So I essentially got 1 hat for charity finished today. I also stumbled upon a bag set up for hat knitting that had gone missing in the UFO pile. I figure I have 5 to 6 hats worth of wool before I need to restock the bag.

 Eric is now feeling better and is handling pedilyte well. He is not back on formula so he will be home again tomorrow. Maybe I can get another hat  or 2 finished tomorrow.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

My First Hand Knit Sweater

This is my very first hand knit sweater that was knit on Wednesday. One of Eric's Elmo's is wearing it. I would like everyone to know it only took me 10 years to get one made. If you need a sweater for a beanie size friend I think I can now handle that with some ease.  Thursday  I also completed a second sweater for one of Eric's friends.  I think that I am on a roll here. 

I have got to go now. I hear the laundry calling my name. Hopefully I can get more than 10 loads of laundry and cleaning done this weekend. I need to get my 35 grams of fiber today.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Life is Stranger than Fiction

Some things that I have taken for granted with Eric might not be things that should have been taken for granted. Take to day for instance. I was picking Eric up after his day program. Yes, I know that this happens quite a lot, if we are lucky 5 days in any given week. Well today went way out of the normal pick up for us.

As I was putting Eric's bag and my purse in the car a driver from a transport company walked straight over from his transport van to my car to take Eric from me. The conversation went something like this:

Driver - I am here to take Eric home.
Me - This is my son Eric, he is going home with me. At this point I grab a hold of Eric's chair. Then get between Eric and the transport driver.
Driver - I am here to pick up Eric. He is going with me.
Me - This is my son he is going home with me.
Driver - This is the Eric I am suppose to take home. I have it on my call sheet. This is his chair.
Me - This is my sons chair you must mean the other Eric. Go into the building and get him.
Driver - No, I am taking this Eric home.
Me - The other Eric's chair is blue. This chair is clearly green and my son is going with me.

This conversation went on like this for a few more minutes.

After jotting down my licence plate number he finally goes into to the building and emerges with the Eric he was suppose to be driving.

Well I have to say that this is the first time in his life that someone has tried to walk off with Eric on purpose. In the past when Eric was self propelled and he wheeled off someone would always return him. Now that he is not self propelled most people would not walk away with 100 pounds of chair and 95 pounds of boy on purpose.

The lesson learned today was: Never say never and don't be afraid to call 911 no matter how odd the call is going to sound.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

If It's Lost

If things are lost where do we look? For socks it has to be the washer or dryer. I never look behind the baskets or under beds. There fore I keep a basket of random odd socks that I match up every so often.   For coupons it has to be somewhere on the table. 

But for everything else it it has to be my purse which rivals Hermoney Grangers bag of necessity.  Or worse yet one of my  knitting bags.  Take today for instance I found a lost discount card that I lost in mid June, while on vacation. Everything gets tossed into the one I am carrying at the time. I wonder if I should just go to my knitting bags first if I loose something?

Friday, August 15, 2014


In some respects I am a lot like my dad. I get things done promptly no matter how long it takes.  I started this on a drop spindle the day it came in the door, over 2 years ago.  Tonight I finished plying it. This is a wonderful silk and merino blend dyed by Cloudlover.  I see something for me in its future. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Bug Hit

I should be more precise. The cleaning bug hit. Since Eric started the day and spent most of the day sleeping, I had plenty of time. I even shared some of the work. John and I work great in tandem. I stripped the bed and put out clean sheets for later, he made the bed. I started emptying the dishwasher and he finished  unloading and reloaded it. I tried to clean John style where I worked on one area at a time. Those areas look great. I still have a way to go. For a job well started John even brought in a salad for dinner.

After I got tired of cleaning I found some time for spinning some new yarn and working on the next baby blanket. I think its time to go do some more knitting. I am almost ready to start the second skein on a 2 skein blanket.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Something Diffrent

This week when Eric got sick, I tried something different. I tried it without as much caffeine as normal. This was something I have never ever tried before. I'm not sure if it worked or not. Today I landed up taking a couple of naps instead of grabbing a couple of sodas or highly caffeinated tea. I guess that this was better for my body but, the house did not get as clean as I had wanted. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

I did the very basics of housework. Then spent some time relaxing by weaving part of a scarf, spinning some new yarn, and working on a new baby blanket. I am much more relaxed but much more tired.

It will take a few more days for me to figure out if this experiment really worked or not. Yes, Eric is feeling better and with any luck he will be out the door Monday morning to his program. I am looking forward to a real day off.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Last week Eric had a 5 day vacation from his day program. All he wanted to do was rest in bed and watch tv. My plans included going to a movie and a haircut for Eric. Guess who won? Did you really need to think about that?

So I spent my days spinning, weaving and knitting. I think I should have spent a little more time cleaning.  Well there is always what is left from this week to clean. 

This week I also started the initial shopping for a kitchen re-do. There are so many decision to be made.  I think the hardest part will be is finding a glass top cooking surface that is compatable with my LeCresut cast iron cookware.  Other than that I seem to be drawn to the less expensive appliances.  

It seems my eyrpy boy has settled down for the night. So I think it is time to call it a day.