My 1 Million Row Challenge

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We are Home

This is our first full day home from the hospital - Round 2 this month. This time we were in for 8 days. I finished 2 hats and 2 scarfs. I also broke with my trying to finish UFOs by starting another hat and scarf. But in my defense it was stash yarn and I did not go out and buy any new yarn. I also worked on spinning some super wash Merino on my Kundert spindle and some silk on my new Bosworth Koa spindle. Both spinning projects will require more work to get the spinning finished. .

I came home to a washer and dryer in desperate need of service so no laundry will get done until they are repaired or I find someone to watch Eric long enough during the day to go to the laundromat. It has been so long since I have been in one, I don't even know how much a load cost now a days. My guess is that it has gone up quite a bit since the early 1980's.

Yesterday afternoon and today have been devoted to getting the house back in order. With the exception of the laundry visible progress is being made. The only thing I would have wished for today was a longer life on the scooba battery charge. I wanted to finish the whole house in one day, scooba had other ideas.

The house is pretty well stocked with the exception of fresh eggs, bread, Tide Free and Rasian Bran cereal for John. I hope to be able to sneak out when one of our more long term aides are here. But then again there is always delivery.

Eric will be home until he finishes his medicine, which is another 9 days. Please feel free to call and stop by. I will need some adult conversation. I have had too many days of PBS kids and the Disney Channel this month. Did you know that on avargae PBS replays its shows 4 times a day. Disney has a slightly diffrent cycle of once a day with the movies being played a diffrent times over several days. Now if I could only convince Eric to watch some chick lit type stuff it would not be so bad.

My hope is for the hospital nightmares to be over with so that Eric sleeps tonight. I would so love a good nights sleep after such a busy month. I would really like a full nights sleep in a real bed. Not that I did not figure out how to sleep in that darn guest chair at the hospital, but it did a number on my knee.