My 1 Million Row Challenge

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Not in the Park

Eric has had constant night terrors since we got home from the hospital. If anyone has suggestions to try I would be willing to listen.

We have tried the following:

Using "Eric's" roomba to vacuum up the monsters and dust bunnies.

Had Scooba wash away the icky.

We have been reassuring him that he is home and everything is OK.

For those of you that have been following the appliance saga. The dryer has been condemned, the inside wiring is burnt to a crisp. Yes the service man thinks that there was a nice little fire in there. We must have a Guardian Angle looking out for us because the damage was limited to the inside motor area of the dryer. We will start a hunt for a new dryer tomorrow.

The washer is working well, I just do to many loads of laundry in it. Hey there are three of us in the house and one of us is Eric, so 20ish loads of laundry a week seems reasonable to me. So I am going to do all the wash and hang laundry at home. I will take John's shirts to the cleaners to get washed and pressed.  That leaves that leaves a dozen or so loads that I will take to the Laundromat to wash or see if the cleaners has a wash and fold service.

Well here is to a good nights sleep for all.