My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, February 27, 2012

Just a Small Rant

Dear Home Health Care Professional,

Welcome to my home, yes I said it MY HOME. I know this is where your agency sent you to work today so you may think of it as a place of business; but it is really my home. I live here and don't get to leave at the end of my shifts.

The following might just make both our days go smoother.

1. At this work site I am the boss and what I say goes. This being said I prefer my home to be a tranquil envoirment. Follow my lead and we will not have problems. I have been doing the sick kid thing for over 2 decades and have a tinsey bit of experience with my son.

2. Don't tell me what to do or what I may or may not do in my own home. I do not need your permission to leave a room or to take a break from my sons care. In fact if you are here you are suppose to be giving me a break so I am not working 24/7.

3. Do not rearrange my furniture. My husband and I have placed it where it is good for us. If you feel the need to rearrange furniture become an interior designer or a furniture mover. Please do not move the chair away from my spinning wheel. You many not understand why it is there but I put it there for a reason. Also the yarn and knitting needles are off limits. I really hate when people sit on my knitting needles and break them.

4. I would like you to follow the rules of the house like everyone else does. Rule number 1: Mom is always right. Rule number 2 : If mom is wrong please see rule number 1. If you can't abide by rule number 1 or 2 at least try to be diplomatic about it.

5. If I give you things to do then ignore you it is because I need some time to unwind. You can always check my current to do list and see if there is anything on there that you can do. If all else fails pay attention to my son or dust. Feel free to vacuum or sweep to your hearts content. If there is laundry you can fold that too.

6. If I am overly cranky ask me what time I got my son to sleep last night or in the wee hours of the morning and what time I had to get up this morning. Just to be on the safe side if I have had 4 hours of sleep or less I really need time to be alone.

7. Yes my house does not look like the rooms in Town and Country. We have some clutter and I really try to keep up with it. If you have a problem with that call my mother I will give you the number. Also remember that the less sleep I have in any given week the messier the house will be. I find it easier to clean house when I am awake and my son is not sick.

8. This is a house and not a barn. We strongly prefer that the doors be kept closed. I prefer to do other things with my time besides chasing small desert dwellers out of the house.

9. All bets are off when my son is sick and I have been awake for more than 48 hours straight.

10. If this is to much to ask of you please let your agency know you cant work with us. We wont be offended.