My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, January 30, 2017


I have this odd feeling like I am waiting for the second shoe to drop. It has been hanging around all day. I am not sure what to make of this.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


I spent part of last night and all of today with Eric. He is on pedilyte, which is a good thing. We will hopefully try formula tomorrow.  This is an awful cycle that Eric is in, we just don't know how to break.   I did get some knitting done while I was sitting with Eric. I added a couple of inches to a poncho. Tonight I finished 1 kids hat and cast on another. I am almost finished with the brim.  I just need to unwind so that I can get a little sleep. My sleep cycle will be messed up for a few days. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

He is Sick Again

All good things must come to an end. It was totally awesome that Eric made it to his day program for 7 days before getting eyrpy tonight. I had a bad feeling that things were amiss when I picked him up today. It was the little things that I picked up on. Eric was way to happy to see me and his tummy was rumbling.

I can rule out asthma at this point, his oxygen saturation numbers are too good. I am really hoping that we just pushed a little too much and that is it. Needless to say we will be home tomorrow, which in a very odd way is good. Tomorrow is going to be the coldest day of the year so far in Tucson. In the low 30's at drive time. Burr.

I have plenty of knitting to keep me busy. Oh, by the way, I am sorry for the second post today.

Best Intentions

My plan for dinner tonight was a hardy vegetable mushroom beef barley soup. It would go nice with our cold weather here. Yes, it is well below 70 degrees Fahrenheit here. By the time I finished getting all the vegetables in there was no room for the barley. Oops, I guess we are having a vegetable stew with a little meat.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

More Derp Cleaning

Today I spent an hour doing some deep cleaning. I found fluff that I did not know that I had. This should probably read I stashed it for later and forgot about it. I now have my spinning projects lined up for the next few months, with just the fluff I found today. I think my problem might be that I used too many project bags to store things. I can't see through them and they are easy to pile into a corner.

I even threw away some wrapping threadthathad an awful smell. Now I just have to figure out where I am putting all my weaving supplies. Well that is a problem for another day.

I seem to be on on a roll today. I walked over 10,000 steps and 4.25 miles for the second day in a row. If I can keep eric healthy maybe I can stretch that into a little longer stretch.

Friday, January 20, 2017


I was brought to tears at the knitting guild meeting on Thursday. I was given a beautiful hand knit quilt and thanked for my 4 1/2 years as the guild president. I could not fit the entire picture of the quilt on the blog, but it is stunning. I stepped aside when I accomplished all the he goals that I had set for myself and the guild. It was time for some new leadership and direction in the guild.

I will I'll still keep the job as webmaster and try to handle all the technical issues. This will give me more time to be creative. Which is a good thing because I have got a lot of fiber to spin,weave,quilt and knit. Somehow it snuck into the house will I was busy. I will also have more time to design new patterns,although I don't know if they will go beyond being posted on Raverly.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Me Time

I have had 3 days of a temporary reprieve with Eric going to his day program. I have been able to relax and get a few things done. I was even able to get through most of my to do list today.

My my best work today was being able to get service for the washer and dryer on Friday even though I called today. I do admit to get the appointment on Friday, I did use the sick kid who makes lots of laundry card. I really hate to use it, but 2 weeks without a dryer would have broken me. I figure by Friday the laundry room will be hip deep in laundry, even with pulling out the things that can be washed and hung up to dry.

Maybe after my day off tomorrow, I can do some de cluttering on Friday while I wait for the service appointment. Where to start, so many little things which add up to big things if they are ingnored.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Today I got out of the house and left they guys at home. I went to Grandma's Spinning Wheel and did a marathon for me spinning secession about 2 1/2 hours. I finished one bobbin and wound the yarn on my knitty noddy. Then I started some white merino that I am going to barber pole onto some red. I just have to finish filling up this bobbin which should be done soon.  I shall see how sore that I am tomorrow.

My wheel has a slight warble that needs to be fixed. If I can figure out how to get to the screw I will be just fine. The problem is that it requires a special 4 side head and my Philips that I can maneuver in to the slot are 6 sided. I will solve this, but not tonight.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Better Today

My body is so fond of reminding me if it's not 30 anymore. Take yesterday for instance, my workday started off at 3:30 AM and did not finish till 10 PM. Because Eric was sick it was a very physically intense day for me. Today my body is reminding me of that. Around lunchtime today my body said it's naptime.

At least Eric is feeling better today. So I spent some time playing catchup around the house. I also started a new wool charity hat while I was sitting with Eric. The down side of stash busting is the little odds and ends of yarn accumulate so quickly. The good news is that they make perfect colorful hats for kids. The wool bag is overflowing right now so 2 or 3 hats should solve that problem.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

And Repeat

Eric's post viral asthma kick in with vengeance. I feel very tired after being up since 3:30am and spending most of the day helping him sit up to keep his airway clear.  I have not even gotten through the mountain of laundry that he made since last night. I feel so tired and discouraged because I could not make him feel better today.

If tomorrow starts off like today we will be heading to the doctors. I  am hoping for a much better night tonight and a better day tomorrow. I hope everyone else had a much better day.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Oh, Joy

One of the things that I don't enjoy about being a special needs mom is dealing with the insurance company. Yes, there are a lot of intelligent  people who work for the medical insurance company, but why do I seem to get all the dunderheads?

The annual denial letter for formula and supplies came today. Some of the more redundant things that I have had put in the notes at the top of Eric's chart include when the g-tube was placed 15 years ago and why it is necessary. So it annoys me to no end to be asked for "Documentation" that Eric has a feeding tube. Is this the sole source of his nutrition, they want to know why we have not gotten him off the feeding tube yet. What is his diagnosis that makes the feeding tube necessary He has had the same diagnosis since he was 3 1/2 they just don't change like magic. The name of the formula... duh the same one he has been on for the last 15 years. An evaluation of his nutritional needs, really!!!

To boot UnitedHealthcare will not pay for supplies until we provide this information again.  They have also decided to make us do this every 6 months, really!!! I can not think of a worse harassment of parents of sick children.

Sadly there are only a few relevant things in the letter, Eric's height and weight and a new prescription. The rest is just laziness on the part of the reviewer. After 15 years of this crap, I am beginning to think they do this to us because a certain number of families and doctors will just give up and pay for these medically necessary supplies out of pocket. Aren't the profits and bonuses high enough for the insurance companies yet?

A heads up to everyone. I will be dealing with this crap on Monday, so its not you it's United Healthcare.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Lot of Sleep

I find it amazing what 10 hours of sleep twice in one week can do for me. I run on an entirely different level than when I get 4 hours of sleep a night. To that end I have a lot of housework and laundry to catch up on tomorrow, yes the laundry room hit hip high. Thank goodness I am not any taller. So I started the whites tonight because they take 2 1/2 hours to wash with the energy efficient washing machine.

If I say good night now I can still get 7 1/2 hours of sleep tonight.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

From our family to you and your families we wish you all a very happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous New Year.  May 2017 be a good year for all.

Best wishes,

Sheri, John, Teri, Tej and Eric