My 1 Million Row Challenge

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fixing Cabinets and Tile

We started off the morning with a 7 am meeting with the contractor. The cabinet makers are currently rushing to fix the boo boo's before 11 am. The tile is suppose to start being layed at 11 am.  I can't wait, they are using a method called floating the tile.  Also some of the tile came in too small to use so it will have to be reordered.  I wonder how fast the tile can get here from the Midwest?

A few of the cabinets had to go back to the shop to fix the boo boo's. The tile guys came on time.

It was really neat to watch the tile being set. One on the tile guys is doing a demo for us. Floating a tile is basically putting  adhesive on the back of the tile, like icing a cake without smoothing out the frosting.  Then they place the tile on the floor. If he tile does not lay, flat they pick it up and add some more adhesive on the floor and then lay the tile.   They lay the tile very fast.