My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, July 27, 2015

A Productive Day

Today I had a very productive day.  I got through all my high priority items. I am also finding it harder to save more than 25% off my grocery bill. Everything seems stacked against the consumer. I find it amazing at how much work I can get done without a headache.  I ran until I fell asleep.  After a 3 hour nap I played last nights last skein of yarn. 

John and I cooked dinner together. Although I was disappointed that my favorite brand of goat cheese mozerella  is now lighter by about 2 ounces per package. I figured it out when I was shearding the cheese.  So we had less cheese on our pizza. I don't know why they did not leave the package the same size and just raise the price like they have done for the past few years.  

After dinner I spun 2 more skeins of art yarn.  Tomorrow I think that I will have a major change of plans.  Eric has an eyrpy tummy and is clammy. I was suppose to teach someone to knit and do a yarn pick up,for the guild. I will see what tonight holds for Eric and then make what changes that I need too tomorrow.  

Sorry about the scattered blog post, I have been scattered all day.