My 1 Million Row Challenge

Saturday, September 8, 2012

More Deep Cleaning

I am in the process of doing more deep cleaning.  In some ways I am moving forward. As in more junk out of the house. In other ways I feel I am moving backwards as in there will be yarn going into the storage room again.  No I did not go on a yarn shopping trip, quite the opposite.  I have cleaned out the guest room closet so it can be a real guest room.

The 1st thing I did was to organize Teri's closet. I felt that I could get all of the fluff and weaving supplies in there. No one but me seemed surprised that this did not happen.  So it was off to clear yarn and stuff that was taking up unnecessary space in my closet. I would like to highly recommend that everyone deep clean their closet every so often so you do not have the marathon cleaning secessions that I am encountering now.

So I now have 7 full storage bins of yarn to go to the storage room. I now have room for the looms in my closet. With a little more cleaning this week I will have all the weaving supplies in there too.

On another note I would like to add that the Keurig Diet is going very well. I am down a full dress size since my birthday. Which by the way lead to more decluttering of my closet getting rid of the clothes that are to large. Yeah me!!!

Eric is still looking for a few sponsors to help him meet his fund raising goal for the UCP World Challenge that will be going on this month.  We need a few more 5 to 10 dollars pledges so that Team Eric can meet its fund raising goal of $600.00 dollars. Just use the link on the top right corner of my blog.

Well it is getting very late and I am very tired after 5 hours of cleaning today. With a few rows of knitting in the evening to wind things down.