My 1 Million Row Challenge

Thursday, August 16, 2012

To Early to Count my Time Off

Just when I think Eric has turned a good corner, I find myself sitting in the rocking chair again. It's an hour past my bed time with no new bedtime in sight. Well I guess I should back track a little.

Eric had 4 very good days at his day program. He is enjoying his time with his friends and staff. Well the first thing he did when he came home today was eyrp.  So here I sit after 10 pm. I am slowly ramping up hi fluid intake.  We are at 12 and need to be at 30 before I can go to sleep.  I am to tired to knit , spin or play a game on my pod.  I am actually watching Sprout and following the story line. Wish me luck that I can get to bed before midnight.

I am very seriously contemplating some caffeine about now. It is either caffeine or a solid sleep. Just a little loner. I think I can last a few more hours. By the way I will be home tomorrow.