My 1 Million Row Challenge

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Eric is Back in School

Eric started back to school yesterday. Insert the happy dance here. So I napped, ate lunch out, worked on the never ending socks ( yes there is an end in sight ), ran errands and made a chicken pot pi for Pi Day. The recipe I used is in a previous blog post. I also tried to make an Irish Soda bread to try something different too. For those of you that have made Irish Soda bread before can you tell me if it is a light biscuit type bread or a very dense bread as mine turned out to be.

Today was guild and lunch out with friends and more knitting. I picked out a light colored shawl as my UFO to work on a guild, yes I know I am working on 2 shawls right now so my goal is to have a total of 2 shawls and 1 pair of socks done by the end of the month. I will keep you posted.

Since I was wearing dressy clothes today, most of my cleaning involved going through piles that were created when Eric was in the hospital. So my cleaning involved 2 hours of putting things away and throwing things out. It was actually more of the later.

Right now I am waiting for the washer to finish so I can put 1 load in the dryer and start 1 more load before I go to sleep tonight. We had a major spill of formula tonight. Formula spills must be washed before they dry or they smell up the house and stain what ever it happened to land on. Just in case you were wondering a complete change out of Eric's bed involves 2 loads of laundry.

I am still out of sync on the whole calendar thing. Yes Eric was home sick for 2 months, so I feel like I should be at the end of January instead of the middle of March. Today I showed up at an event 1 week early. I really must read my email more carefully and AVO ( avoid verbal orders) in regards to events.

I have also enjoyed the freedom of having Eric in school for 2 days in a row. I hope that this trend continues. Well the hour is late. So have a great night.