My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Todays weaving. Each ball of yarn weaves about 1 foot of fabric. I am almost 2 feet into a 6 foot project. My arms are sore from warping this loom. I am sure it is because of the width. Each color stripe is 1 inch wide or 10 dents per inch. For the matching fabric for the skirt I will need a helper to warp the loom.

John made an adjustment to the loom which made it easier to weave. I had been thinking about the problem for 6 hours. He said that I was on the right track and had the adjustment done in less than 15 minutes. The loom is nowset up for a short person.

Eric is also feeling better and back on formula.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Home Today

With Eric sick, I was home today. My day consisted of finishing the eyrpy laundry, taking care of Eric. Finishing the scarf on the small loom,. All I have left to do on the scarf is tie the ends and wash it.  Starting a direct warp, that is 7 feet long and 22 inches wide on the big loom. The next time I do a warp so big, I think it would be prudent to have some help. It is a very hard solo project. Yes, it is on a rigid heddle loom. You can see part of the small loom in the back round. Here is where I am leaving off for tonight.

Monday, March 19, 2018

The Dismal Trifecta

Dinner at our usual Monday night place was dismal at best and the restaurant shall remain nameless for this blog post. Although I will tell you if you ask me in person. Because of spring break we sat in the bar area, not optimal seating for dinner, but it was not the worst part of dinner. 

We ordered our complete meal when the server came to take our drink order. This is usually done in order to speed up the process and get home in our time frame.  It did not work tonight, sigh. John’s iced tea with lemon came without the lemon, not good, but not the first strike yet.

Thirty minutes later our food came out. John’s had the wrong meat and potatoes, which took about 15 minutes to correct. Strike One. My avocado toast came out so burnt that John could hear me take a bite across the table. Mine was sent back to be remade. Twenty minutes later they offered me a complementary dinner salad and an apology for the time it was taking the toast to be remade. Ten minutes after that my dinner came out correctly. Strike Two.

Strike Three was after dinner in the ladies restroom there was only 1/2 of a roll of toilet paper for 4 toilet stalls. Really!!!! Where is Chef Ramsey when you need him. 

Maybe it is time to find a new Monday night dinner spot. 

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Busy and Productive

I am zenning the house on a smaller level now. Today I found a box of business cards that use to go in a Rolodex, now I am inputting them into my contact list on my phone. At this point 5 cards at a time are enough for one day. So this will be a multi week project. I am also spending a few minutes a day going through other things too. I have 4 bags that will go to charity tomorrow. 

I have also found a really good use for all the cotton crochet thread that I received. I am weaving scarfs with the crochet thread as the warp and using up small bits of sport or fingering weight yarn for the weft. The plus side of this, is that I can weave a scarf faster than I can knit one. It will also give my hand more time to heal while I speed through a lot of fiber. I hope that the kids who get them will like them as much as the hats that I knit. Below is the scarf that I started weaving tonight. I am on the 4th color change. Every color change on the weft is a partial ball of crochet thread. 

We also have a new lamp for one of the bedrooms do to a failed science experiment. I had John pick out what he liked and he came back with the same type of lamp that I would have picked out.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Laundry Room Won

The score is 6 for the laundry room, 0 for me. So I started a load of laundry after dinner. I really hate doing laundry after dinner when Eric is not sick.

I also scored a copy of Mitch Albom’s book The First Phone Call From Heaven. I can’t wait to start it. There is a big however to this. I don’t get my new glasses for 2 weeks. With these glasses I. can only read clearly with my left eye, because my right reading lens needs a new script. The only other solution is to read the book upside down and backwards. What choices.

I am finally feeling better following the hand surgery earlier this year. I am starting to get more things done around the house. This week I finished knitting hat then started a another hat. I finished weaving a child's scarf and will start another one when I warp the loom again.

Friday, March 9, 2018


People can be so disappointing at times. I know it is an age old problem because it is even one of the Big Ten in the Bible, "Thou shalt not steal". What is so hard about "Thou shalt not steal" if you have ethics? I guess the big thing there is if you have ethics.

I had gotten a special bracelet for my friend Lisa. When we went to her cup this morning where leave things for her, it was gone. This is just so wrong, stealing a gift meant for another person. If they had wanted one I could have told them where to buy it. By the way if you absolutely need the measuring tape bracelet that I wear just contact Grandmas Spinning Wheel and they can get one for you.

I guess that goes along with stealing coupons for free packages of diapers. That was $300 stolen from Eric. I wonder if they will return them now that I put it in my blog. One can only hope. Talking about screwing up someones budget.

I guess as long as we need help in the house everything will have to be under lock and key. Know I understand why the estate and larger households that had help, had one person that inventoried and kept track everything and everyone.

Now I am off to start laundry and put everything under lock and key.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Cotton Thread

I think that I have an idea for all the cotton crochet thread that I was given. It does involve a loom. The loom is warped for the sample.

P.S. I am using one of John’s creations in the process.

Fun, fun,fun. Until the the loom runs away.