My 1 Million Row Challenge

Friday, May 25, 2018

‘‘Tis the season

It’s hat knittting season in Tucson of course. With the spring tempatures looming in the high 90’s to low 100’s it is the pefrect time to knit hats. They are small. They are fast to knit. They can use a lot of bits and pieces of yarn to make very colorful hats. They are a great stash buster. Next winter when the tempature dips below the low 70’s the kids will love them.

So the current yearly count stands at 25 hats with 2 more hats on the knitting needles. I will let you know when the count hits 36. All the hats are going to the Flowing Well clothing bank here in Tucson. I am also weaving a few scarfs too.

Have a safe holiday weekend and remember our Gold Star Famlies.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A Surreal Day

I spent the day trying to fix things in my realm. My success rate was about 50%.

On the easy things like John's ink stained shirts I was told that "he needs to stain one more shirt, because the price break is at three shirts." Does this mean that I was suppose to go home and stain one more dress shirt and come back for the better price? I am taking this as a win, the shirts will be ready at 5pm tomorrow.

I got gas for the van before it ran out. Breakfast out at 10:30 am and a lunch of a slice of cheese and some crackers eaten at stop lights at 2:30 pm, I did not mind hitting every red light, at least I got some lunch before I picked up Eric. To make it even better John brought home dinner. So on food I will call it a win.

I thought I had a win on laundry getting three loads finished today. Eric had other plans. He filled his personal laundry basket twice today. So I added a fourth load of laundry tonight. A break even.

On the problem with Eric's formula. The people at Nestle's Ethereal Nutrition were wonderful. At least I found out that there was no recall or plant issues. I even got a case file number to give to the people at Corman.  Corman is an interesting company to say the least. The first person I spoke to swore that Eric had not had a delivery since 2014 and of course the formula went bad after that amount of time. The second person I talked to at least found Eric's file. She would not replace the 8 cases of formula that were mishandled in transit. This resulted in the formula curdling like cheese. Rendering the formula useless for Eric or anyone else. That they would instead send a refund to United Health Care. Insert whatever swear words you want here.  She sent one expedited case so that Eric could eat tonight and the rest of the week. The  rest will be here by Friday. They would also not pick up the bad cases of bad formula, so they sit in the living room. Net loss 8 cases of formula  and no reserves for when things go south with the paperwork snafu's that always happen. This is not even close to break even.

I thought that I had a break even with the issues at Eric's day program. I thought that everything was fairly settled. My personal feeling is that we will never see the program fees that walked away.  So I wrote a check for the missing money and this months fees. Handed the missing paperwork that has been filled out countless times to a reliable person. So I will only write check from now on and have everyone sign for the paperwork they receive for Eric. So I thought that I was good until I opened My email at 5:00 pm only to find a demand for the the money owed,almost like a collection letter. I am sincerely hoping that this was just a lack of communication on their part, I hope that the check I wrote at 9:45am is not lost already. I also doubt that I will see a full accounting of where Eric's fees landed, because he was either sick or stayed back on most of the field trips.  You decide.

No time to make three pairs of earrings for tomorrow. That makes me sad, but I will try to get them made tomorrow for Friday.

Tomorrow will be better.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Catching Up

Today was spent catching up on badly needed sleep. House work was limited to two five minute blocks of time. You would be surprised how much I can get done in 5 minutes without interruption. I managed to fill the recycling bag twice and then take it out to the big bin. I have a pile of boxes for John to break down too.

Surprisingly I had no laundry, so tomorrow I expect knee deep piles in the laundry room. I also finished one charity hat and cast on the next hat. I am not sure where the hat count for the year is yet, but I think I have at least one and possibly 2 dozen knit so far this year. I am off to a slow start this year.

It is time to call it a day.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

50 Percent

I am 50% through my new pattern design. This means that I can start doing all that fun math stuff to figure out the rest of the pattern. Then do the math for the larger size. The magic number was 25.5 inches.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Winner Is....

Of course the laundry wonwith 4 loads. Eric is feeling better. I was to tired to do design work so I started on the UFO basket. I choose mindless knitting.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Thankful for the Smaller Things in Life

At least it’s not Monday night. At least I stocked up with good stuff to eat today while Eric was at his day program. At least I got to knitting today. At least I got to chat with friends today. You may be wondering where I am going with this. This is just my meandering way of saying that Eric is eyrpy tonight. Eric is also in making lots of eyrpy laundry, the wonderful people at P & G makers of Tide* should be very happy about this.

Eric and I will be home tomorrow. I wonder if I will get more laundry or knitting done. Does anyone care to guess.

*P & G makers of Tide did not pay me to say that I use Tide for my laundry. I have been using various forms of Tide since the mid 1970’s when one of my high school chores was doing the family laundry. Although I do love when I can get a good coupon or sale on Tide. Even with the super big LG washer I still do at least 15 loads of laundry a week. Which is much better than 25 or more loads. So I do use a lot of Tide.

Monday, May 7, 2018

A Good Day

Eric made it to day program today. I have also found that when Eric comes home he does not mind sitting by the kitchen table while I knit. So I worked on the new pattern. It is much easier to work on at a table. This took the tedium out of afternoon programing too. The new pattern has past the 100th row. it is about a third of the way done.

This left me to work on other UFO's while watching television tonight. The switch has made knitting in the evening more relaxing. The rest of May will be UFO month. I have a few bags and a basket filled with UFO's. I would really like to fill the basket with a new project, but I will finish the UFO's first.

I spent some time cleaning today. I have recovered one whole kitchen counter. This means that tomorrow I have to clean and polish it. This is the dominoes effect of cleaning. I think this applies to knitting too. Summer has come early to Tucson, this is the second day of 100+ temperatures. This means that I will need to change up my laundry routine to start earlier or put more loads on later at night.