My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Mad Hatter? Perhaps Not

Besides physical therapy and chores, today was all about hats. I bagged and tagged 9 hats for charity. I cast on 9 hats, yes I really have emough 16 inch circular knitting needles to do that with out using all my 16 inch circular knitting needles.

So I am really not crazy. I am actually teaching a technique called the jogless join at knitting guild tomorrow. So instead of taking out my work over and over again I cast on 8 hats, one set for each demo. They will go to my charity project.

if I am indeed mad, at least there is a method to my madness.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Zenning for Health?

Today was a BBD for me.  So what else should I do besides sitting on the couch and resting?  Well zenning the house of course.  I started of with my Wool yarn stash, I have a full bag of tapestry and needlepoint yarn that makes  great hats if anyone is interested in the yarn, as a bonus I will throw in a tote bag.

I did what I call circular cleaning today.  I zip all over the house. As I find something that goes to another room, I head there to put it away.  Then I find something in that room to put away sometimes I stay in one place for a while, sometimes not.  The end result is a lot of things are now in new homes or recycled.

I did find time to knit, spin, wash some newly spun skeins of yarn and laundry too.  I skipped Eric’s planed haircut today. By the time he was ready it was raining.  I decided a haircut was not worth dealing with the rain and chair in the rain. So I opted to reschedule it.  There is always tomorrow.

Friday, July 13, 2018


First there was the beginning of the Tour De France. Then the Tour De Fleece decided to cheer on the riders by spinning along. So I have a little extra fleece that wanted to be spun so I join the spinners. Here are my first 6 skeins of yarn. 4 of the skeins are 4 ounces and the little bitty ones area half ounce. all I have to do is wash and set the twist on the yarn.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Tour De Fleece

Today I spent 4 hours plying the yarn that I spun over the first days of the tour.  I have decided that Shetland Wool is not pleasant to ply when it is spun to a lace weight yarn. Masham Wool is wonderful as a thick and thin yarn. It’s even better plyed.  BFL is always wonderful to spin and ply.

I am trying not only to spin as much of my fiber stash as possible.  I am also trying to spin as many different breeds of sheep as well.  Each breed spins a little differently.  I am also trying to spin as many British  Heritage Sheep fleeces, batts and braids that I have.

Eight skins were plied today. There were 4 four ounce bobbins and 4 smaller skeins for the 52 Yarn’s to Spin Before You Cast Off Book. I am really too tired to take them all out of their bags tonight, so I hope tomorrow will be ok for pictures.

I think that because of my sore Achilles Tendon I will do most of my Spinning on my classic Louet S-15.  I also found out today that the Louet S-96 in Oak is no longer being made and I will have to settle for an S-95. I also found out that it will not ship until Mid-September.  That means that I will not have it for the Sheep Thrills Fiber Retreat next month. All I can say is it’s a bummer to have to wait so long for a birthday present.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Tour De Fleece

I have 4 bobbins of yarn to ply tomorrow and will show off my first Tour De Fleece 2018 yarn. Now what am I going to do with 4 new skeins of yarn?

Monday, July 9, 2018


It has been very busy around here this month. The Birthday gift for Teri sent just in time. The laundry has won, I have not been able to catch up all month. It seems to take about 2 days to knit a hat right now, I am barely over 3 dozen hats knit for the year at the moment. I am still in the midst of deep cleaning the guest/craft room, a lot is leaving. My craft books are next.

For Tour De Fleece I have 12 ounces spun and it is waiting to be ply. So I can not count that yet. I have one braid on each wheel going. Yes, it has occurred to me that I can only use one spinning wheel at a time, but with my Achilles tendon still sore I need to switch between wheels as not to get my heel mad at me. I will post under Team Into the Whirled with the #ITWTDF2018 on social media. This will happen once the yarn is plied. I have spun every day of the tour, even if it is only a half ounce like today. Into the Whirled is a great indie dyer. Give her page some love*. I just love spinning her fiber.

*I have paid for all my own fiber from Into the Whirled. No payment or samples have been given to me.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

A Long Day

I have been up since 6a.m.  It is almost 11 p.m. and I am still waiting for Eric to go to sleep.  I am not sure that is going to happen anytime soon since he did get a booster shot at his doctors visit today.   Right now he seem to be talking to Elmo about his day.  I am falling asleep while I am writing this.  So it will be short.

Just a reminder, that if you are over 40 talk with your doctor about booster shots.  This is especially true for the Whooping Cough vaccination since the one we got as kids has worn off by now.  Whooping cough is very hard on the young and disabled.  Also with measles cases on the rise make sure you and your kids are up to.  You are protecting kids like Eric who can not have some or all of the shots.  

It finally quiet so I am going to call it a knight.