My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, October 24, 2016

This and That

The day started out with a BBD, but I did my best anyway. Now that my hand range is increasing, the exercises at physical therapy are getting harder. I don't know how they mange to get my hand so tired in 1 hour, that I need a 2 hour nap after therapy just to recoup.

I did get a lot of finishing work done today. I also started tagging some of the items. I am caught up to the point where I need to take inventory and see what I need to make to round off my fundraising table on November 10, 2016 at the Tucson JCC. Remember that 100% of the sale price will go to Taglit, which is Eric's day program and other special needs expenses not covered by program fees.  So it would be a great time to get your holiday gifts. 

I also decided to reduce the number of craft bags that I have. To that extent, John helped me empty out the hall closet of all the bags. I then started to sort through them. I have a bag and a half of craft bags ready to leave the house, this is from the quick first sort through. I will go through the rest of the bags again at a more leisurely pace and make the final cut on what I am keeping.  I would estimate not more than 50% of what is left. This of course does not count the bags that already have projects in them, they do not count in this process. 

Well it is almost tomorrow so it is time to call it a day.