My 1 Million Row Challenge

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

On A Roll

Today I finished 1 crochet project, a child's purse that has been on the hook for over 4 years and 1 hat before noon today.  John will be very happy that the purse was no sooner off the hook then it found its way to a new home that was not ours. Since I did not want the circular knitting needles to be lonely, I cast on the next hat. In reality I find it harder to lose stitch markers and knitting needles when they are in the middle of a project. Even though it is too heavy to carry around, I was reminded that it was past time to finish Teri's 1st year of law school blanket. Miss Teri, how many years is it overdue?

I certainly don't have the energy for it but now that it is under 100f, it is time to wash Eric's swim stuff from today. while I am at it a little picking up would not hurt either. After all no matter how much I want to play all day with fiber, the house work should come first. Maybe I will have dinner with John first.