My 1 Million Row Challenge

Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Last Room

Today I started the deep cleaning of the last room that has not been zenned. I am hoping that it will only take about a week.  Although I have my doubts, I put in 4 hours of solid cleaning and only made a small dent.  Tomorrow I hope to sort the tea cups, Teri's and mine got blended together in her jounior year of high school.  At least most of mine are in a different style.  My tea cups will go on display and Teri's will be repacked so she can take them when she is ready for them.  I probably should not have recycled last weeks newspaper.  

I did not realize just how much hand spun yarn I had in Teri's dresser and in her bookcases.  That was all moved today.  I will have to do more knitting and weaving to start using it up.  2016 will be my year of creating as much as possible. I am off to a good start in knitting more projects. I would like to finish Teri's room and start on the zenning of the garage before it hits the 100's.