My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, January 18, 2016

Rethinking Laundry

With the new larger wash tub, I think I will have to rethink the way I do laundry. This is for the better. Today I did the weekly towels, in the old washer it would have been 2 full loads. Today the towels filled a little less than 1/2 the tub.  With the whites I saved 2 days of laundry ( this should read 2 loads in the old washer ) and used a little less than 2/3's of the tub. So I am going to try waiting for 3 days before I do the whites again. That is unless we have a laundry explosion.  So I am thinking I will cut my current  of 25 loads of laundry week down to 10 to 12 loads a week.  Yes I will have the same amount of folding. I am thinking that unless the laundry is eyrpy that I will no longer be doing laundry in the middle of the night. 

I am so grateful for the simply wonderful engineering from the LG Washer Group.  Thank you so much.. I would also like to thank my wonderful husband for getting me such a wonderful washer.  By the way Sears called back today and will check to make sure we are in perfect level.  They said it should have been done on Saturday as part of the delivery.  

On a different note when I am not wearing my usual 2 inch heals, I need Teri's step stool to reach in to the bottom of the tub. Teri don't expect to get your step stool back anytime soon. 

I will have to figure out how all this will effect how much extra time I have for other things.  I can see more knitting, weaving, spinning and sewing in my future.  Maybe even a few more new patterns published.  

Up date 11:40 pm, Eric must have heard that I was doing less laundry. Since I first posted this earlier tonight he has made a load of eyrpy laundry...and life goes on.