My 1 Million Row Challenge

Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Slow Day

Today I did the unheard of, I slept in until after 11 am. I think that my body needed the sleep from all the broken nights of sleep with Eric.  I think I might of slept longer if my back did not hurt so much.  I did manage to get my whole pt routine done.  

We went out shopping today for a new washing machine, we bought our current machine before we moved into this house so last century is on its last legs.  All we can get are rebuilt parts which are not as good. We landed up putting the machine on order. John said that the machine was for me.. Eric is sure the machine is for him. So to clarify the new washing machine is going to be for me as an I love you present from John. Then  Eric will be in charge of making the laundry so that I can use it more.   My hope is that with a bigger washer will cut down the number of loads of laundry.

I also found out that it is not the best idea in the world to knit with black yarn at night.  Now I have to Tink out a full round tomorrow when the light is better. See that strand of yarn, that is what I need to fix.