My 1 Million Row Challenge

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Cooking Dinner

Tonight John and I used the broiler for the first time. I kinda guessed what I should be doing, after all it is just a broiler. Well, I have used broilers since oh so last century and this was not like any I have used in the past. John started reading the directions as I was cooking. First of all the broiler has a high and low setting, yes really. Apparently the high setting is used for searing the meat. The low setting is used for standard broiling. Oh and chicken must be broiled on the bottom rack of the oven. Over all it took longer to cook the meat, but it came out perfect.

My question is how the simple act of making dinner has become more complicated over the years? After all we have been using fire to cook with since the caveman days. I think I have the closest version of the 1960's Disney/GE house of the future in Tomorrowland vision of the perfect kitchen that is available today. Although I am still waiting for the table that will clear  itself, wash the dishes and reset the table. Not to mention the self cleaning house. I think that we may have been lead astray as to what would happen to the kitchen of the future. Until it arrives I would recommend that everyone read the manual.

Now if I could just find a manual to explain why my sinuses try to drain every night at bedtime.