My 1 Million Row Challenge

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Good and The Screw Up

Most of the day went well. The granite was installed.  It looks a lot less pink then our sample, so we will have to revisit the back splash.  Most of the cabinet work was finished.  The tile work on the floor as finished.  I spent the day bouncing between a sick Eric, keeping up with the work in the kitchen.  I also emptied the pantry. John and I emptied part of the craft room.  A dozen pair of earrings were made.  Amber came over to help me empty the pantry and part of the bookshelf.  

The one major screw up of the day came when no one asked me where the bathroom sink faucet was. The workman and contractor decided to use the 2 hole  utility sink faucet to drill the holes in the beautiful granite and not the single hole faucet that John and I had spent hours choosing.  

Tomorrow the painting starts at the back of the house.  Eric will be home another day.  I will also need to prep for Thursday.