My 1 Million Row Challenge

Friday, October 16, 2015

Remodeling Irony

Today I woke up with a really bad tension headache at 5am.  I keep running through my thought process what could cause such a bad headache so early in the morning. Then it dawned on me Irony. This might take some explanation.  On the bathroom sink it was just a matter of turning around and asking me if they had the right faucet before they started drilling the granite.

The long kitchen counter is a bit more complex.  There was one worker whom was making a lot of mistakes. The other guys would cover up for him and try to fix the mistakes before they were discovered.  They would give him simple tasks whenever possible.  They would count out one, two, three, four put the peg here and let him go to work. Then they would go back and fix the mistakes, no big deal.  But it became a big deal when the long counter was laid down.  '

To cover for the other worker who placed the support wood too low by 1/2 of an inch, it was decided among the other workers to tell the cabinet guy he screwed up, because it was his first lead job.  So 1/2 of an inch was trimmed off the cabinet and the counter was put in place.  I totally understand why the other workers covered for one of their own. Here is is, the next however. However if they would have just said let's check this measurement. And then moved the support wood up by 1/2 of an inch, the cabinet would not have been cut, and the dishwasher would have slid into place without a problem, and we would be one step closer to being finished. 

Now I will hurry to get dressed, because I do not know what time the contractor will be here to fix the boo boos. Then I will go ply some yarn so that I can test out my new fiber sink.  I think I will spend the rest of the day designing jewelry for next week.