My 1 Million Row Challenge

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Back on Track

The down side of remodeling is the deep cleaning that goes with it.  Today I started a third box for John to bring into Bookmans, our local used book store. I am going through all the books before they get put back on the shellfs. Tucked underneath some books that are leaving was a picture of Eric and some of his friends from so last century at the Manzanita Roundup, the school carnival for the kids.  It made me want to cry at all we have lost over Eric's lifetime. He was sitting up so straight in his chair and looked so cute.  It makes me want to hate the ML4 even more.   I guess I can not sit here and cry.  I need to go back to deep cleaning and I hope not to find anymore buried pictures today.  

The backsplash also got finished today.  The grout that I picked with the pink under tones was discontinued so we have a wheat colored grout which brings out more of the green tones in the backsplash.  The last of the tile was placed today too.