My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, September 14, 2015


Last night and today I got into dresses for services that I have not been able to wear for years because I was too heavy. I was totally surprised. John was not surprised at all. I tried the first on a whim and it looked great last night.  Then this morning I tried on another one and it looked good too.  I guess that I am in an inches losing phase.   This means that I have more options for clothes without spending money.  Yeah!!!

On the crafting front I was able to finish the scarf that I started last night.  I also tagged and priced over a dozen skeins of hand spun yarn.  I think I could have gotten more done if my pain level had not reached the tears because it hurt so much phase.  I may have over done it a little keeping Eric entertained this afternoon. 

What does everyone think about putting my hand spun yarn on my Raverly de stash page with prices or should I just list a few more on Etsy?  I am torn because I just don't have the SEO numbers to make Etsy a place for me to sell my excess hand spun yarn. Or are their other avenues that I should be looking at? If I get 10 or more responses there will be a prize drawing for the input.  

Now it is time to go top Eric off and try to get some sleep.