My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy

Yes it has been very busy around here since my last post 4 days ago. I have gotten to watch Eric and his friends go bowling. That was such a treat. There were cheers even if only 1 or 2 pins were knocked down. Everyone had such a good time.

Eric was sick Friday, so he had 4 days off from his program. On Monday I took Eric to Build a Bear Workshop so that Champagne Bear could get some more "honey". He had lost so much weight his pants were falling down. I would like to say that the staff at the Tucson Mall Build a Bear Workshop were very gracious and told Eric exactly what they were doing for his bear. He was all smiles and they did not charge us for the "honey". I tried to get Eric to pick a shirt out for Champagne, but he did not want the U of A shirt, he wanted the Santa Clara Law School shirt, which if they make it at all is not available in Tucson. We then walked around the mall for a few hours. Eric was suppose to let me stop and have lunch, but he wanted to walk more. I got over 10,000 steps ton Monday.

I have been passing on a lot of knitting skills to other knitters. Amber learned how to purl, cast off and follow a pattern on Sunday. It is very hard to believe that she has only been knitting for a few weeks with how even her stitches are. Tuesday I got to teach the stretchy bind off to a member of the Tuesday morning group.

I got a few errands done before I had to pick up Eric. I did not realize how tired he was when we stopped at a new store for a few minutes. Eric threw up on the floor, I hope they let us back. It turns out that Eric did not have enough rest time out of his chair at program, only 30 minutes. We are going to work on that. Eric threw a lot more, even in the shower, which is a very easy clean up. He settled down by 11:30 but was up at 4 am this morning. I borrowed Teri's bed for a nap so that I did not wake up John, I hope she does not mind. Eric will be home tomorrow too. I can not get him to the hydration level that I need to before I restart the formula. His tummy still hurts and he is tired of throwing up.

On the bright side, I got 3 mini washcloths knit and finished another hat. I did not quite knit all the yarn in the house like I told John that I would do today, but I did make progress. Now off to set some hand spun yarn before dinner, John is bringing it home.