My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, March 23, 2015

A Very Busy Day

Today Eric had no day program.  I had a to do list from he double toothpicks.  With 10 loads of laundry and 50% of a pattern to finish writing.   I must admit that I fell short on finishing the laundry, load 8 is now in the dryer.  Eric was watching PBS Kids and I was getting distracted by Clifford the Big Red Dog and Curious George.  My solution was to give Eric a Sesame Street marathon.  For some reason I can write with Sesame Street on and not get distracted.  

I managed to get the pattern transfered from my iPad to the Dell computer.  From the apple words program to Microsoft office without help from John. After reformatting the pattern and doing spell check I realized that I had forgotten to add punctuation. At one point I felt like I wanted to channel e.e.cummings.  One hour later everything was done, including adding the picture.  Unfortunately, it is sideways on the blog.  

After dinner I managed to get the pattern uploaded to and love  I will try to get it on Etsy tomorrow.  The pattern is called Cactus Washcloth.  I based it on the saguaro cactus that I view when sitting at the kitchen table.  It is also my first reversible piece.   

In between all of that, I also managed to clean house and put a few things away.  All the laundry, except the load currently drying in the dryer, is folded and put away.