My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, November 10, 2014

Ups and Downs

There are 2 different colds going around Eric's day program. He has gotten the second one so he is home again for a least part of the week this week. This has left me a bit on the tired side. What a week for equipment failure. If I am grumpy and complain that my hands are sore it is because I am doing some manual percussion. This to shall pass with the arrival of the replacement later in the week.

I am also beginning to think that the klutz gene gets more active when I am tired. All I am going to say on the subject is that I swear that the fireplace had it in for me today and jumped out to attack me and won. The shirt I was wearing will be remade into a rag rug. I think I have enough rags to make a few of them now.

I was also gifted with some eyelash yarn today. I will take 1 strand of eyelash yarn and one of wool or cotton to make some cute kids scarfs. These go fast because I cast on 13 stitches on US sized 17 needles and knit until I am nearly out of yarn then bind off. About 90 minutes per scarf if Eric is not being too demanding. I will add a few pictures later. These will be going to the Flowing Wells School District too.

Well it is time to get ready for dinner. So enjoy your families this week.