My 1 Million Row Challenge

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mother Daughter Time

I recovered enough from that awful cold that Eric shared to make it to my mother daughter weekend with Teri.  The guys are still dealing with the tail end of the cold at home.  

It was a nice drive on from Tucson.  Along the way I spotted  1 Road Runner, and a lot of Butterfly's migrating.  There was very little traffic along the way. I had a book on tape and a free radio promo.  

After Teri finished work we went shopping and out to dinner at Project Pie.  We choose our own toppings and the pizza was great. Then it was a night of girl talk. 

Today we had breakfast at Starbucks with more girl talk.  Then it was off to explore the local park. Teri was spot on when she picked an art festival to go to.  We meet some very lovely artists today. We did quite a bit of walking today with over 13,000 steps walked about 6.5 miles.

Dinner was at a local dinning spot. The food was great. A little shopping for breakfast.  Followed by an evening of girl talk.  

I keep coming back to the same conclusion about Teri. First that I am so lucky to be her mom.  Second that she takes me to pretty amazing places. I think that you my reader will have to add the rest of the platitudes to Teri, as at this moment I  starting to fall asleep.