My 1 Million Row Challenge

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bone Tired

I now know what bone tired actually feels like. After a busy week of cleaning and a full day of play yesterday I was very tired today. I had decided to attack the last bastion of clutter in the house any way. The craft room. My plan was to work for 10 minutes and quit for the day. 2 hours later I called it quits.

This was after I filled 2 1/2 boxes of tabs for the Ronald McDonald House Charity project that Eric is working on. They will be delivered in October and I felt that they did not have to hang out in the craft room when there were shelf's free in the garage. I also pulled out 2 blanket designs that were going no where very slowly. So John and I tinked them. Both bags of yarn will be used for preemie blankets for a local hospital. I have the 1st preemie blanket that I started today about 25% finished. They do go really fast. Every bag and box is being gone through. Projects that I want to finish will go into 1 pile. Finishing work will go into another pile. I will also continue to tink projects that I really don't went to knit any more. I will also fill a bag with yarn, patterns and books that I don't want anymore and share it with my fellow knitters. I think a month of at least 10 minutes a day should get this done by the end of September.

This brings me back to what bone tired feels like. After lunch I went to sit with Eric and do a little knitting. Very gradually my legs just started to hurt, which gradually built up to the bones in my lower legs hurting. I told Eric that mommy was to tired to sit and watch T.V. with him and went to lay down. I think I would have slept until morning if I had not been called to help in the house. 3 hours of sleep seemed to make my legs feel a lot better.

Then what am I doing up after 10pm, when my body is so tired. Well even though I did 5 loads of laundry this morning and being caught up on laundry. We had a formula spill tonight. Which means that Eric's bed needed to be changed for the 2nd time tonight. So I have 2 more loads to at least start before bed time. I am sure you are not aware that formula smells really rank if left to sit over night on the sheets. Plus it is also harder to get out and stains. Once the second load is in the machine I can call it a night. The second load is now in the washer so it is time to call it a night.