My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Stark Contrast

Yesterday at this time I was as sick as Eric has been in the last couple of weeks. The cold came out of no where in the middle of the night. I spent yesterday drinking all the fluids I could stand and sleeping for most of the day.  

This morning at around 2:30am I woke feeling wonderful and refreshed. This was just 25 hours after the cold had hit. I felt as if I had not eaten in days so I had a light snack and went back to sleep.  

If my body was a motor I would have to say that I started off in over drive this morning.  I got an hours worth of cleaning done before I took Eric to program today. I also got to hear what our Congressman Ron Barber had to say about his first trip to Israel.  We are very lucky in our district that Congressman Barber puts the needs of the people of our district before his own personal agenda. 

I came home and did more cleaning. Instead of just dumping all my loose knitting patterns in a box to deal with later, I went through them all and decided to give half of them to my friends to see if anyone wants them.  The rest I will file in an organized manner. I got Eric's bathroom floor  scrubbed   and John put everything back together.  I hope it stays clean until the party. 

On my way to pick up Eric, ok I went a few miles out of my way I ordered the gluten free apple pie and corn bread muffins for this weekends party. I even paid for them so I could send someone else if I was busy.

John was wonderful and made dinner tonight. So I helped clean up.  

Today I also walked 19,000 steps which is just shy of 10 miles for me.  I have not walked that much in a single day since Italy. I hope this is a sign of things to come.  

Well it will be another busy day tomorrow so it is time to call it a night.