My 1 Million Row Challenge

Friday, February 22, 2013

Sort of a Slow Week

After our whirl wind weekend things took a little turn that I was was only half expecting. I managed to acquire Eric's cold and get over it in time for the first dental appointment of the week.  That one went fairly smoothly. Wednesday I had more dental surgery, which was not as bad as last time. It still knocked me for a loop.

I was still fairly out of it when we got snow at the house on Wednesday. I really enjoyed looking at our snow. I know those of you in snow country will be shaking your heads at this silly desert southwest girl. I my defence we have not gotten 1 inch of snow at the house since our newly minted lawyer was in elementary school. Yes, it has been a couple of years. When I have time I will down load my camera and i-pod and post some pictures including that of my little snowman.

I would like to thank Nancy G. for picking me up so I could go to the guild meeting. I was not quite up to driving yesterday. I would also like to thank Lisa and John for keeping things running smoothly on the Eric front. I was not up to dealing with anything on the Eric front for most of the week. John also did a great job running the house and getting meals on the table.

Needless to say not much work got done around the house this week. I am planning short catch up bursts through out the weekend and into next week. Speaking of cleaning I hear the washer calling my name so it is time to get back to work. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your families.