My 1 Million Row Challenge

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

From Not a Size 2

Dear Clothing Sales Person,

This is an open letter to help you understand me your customer a little better. I hate to be knit picky but...I am not a size 2 and deserve the same treatment that you gave the size 2 customer.

When I come in telling you I need new clothes because I have lost a lot of weight please don't do the following:

1. Look at me like I am the elephant in the room. I personally think that dropping a whole size on my own is a great big deal. Yes I am still heavy, but you should have seen me before.

2. Give me a pair of pants 3 full sizes bigger than I currently am. I know that they are much to large when I do not need to undo the zipper or button to get the pants on and off.  Then tell me just to get a belt to cinch it up a bit. That will keep them from falling down. Really? Wouldn't I be better off with a smaller pair of pants?

3. Give me a sweater at least a full size larger and tell me just to roll up the sleeves a couple of times. That is not the way they showed it in your stores catalog. By the way the knitting magazines have straight sleeves this season. Not rolled up in bunches at the wrist and pushed up the arm. Also I am not buying a tent, just a sweater.

4. Clear the sales racks of all the clothes that are a size or more too large and tell me that this is the style.  I just sent a bunch of my clothes that were too large to Goodwill for up cycling. It really is a bad reflection on you, that you think so little of your customers that you will tell them anything just to make a sale. Think about it, I did not buy the junky looking clothes that did not look good on me. You wasted both of our time.

5. I have been a customer longer than you have been an employee of the store. Who do you think will be around longer? Oh, just in case you were wondering where the money from your paycheck comes from, it is me the customer. With out a customer base your company would not have the money to hire you.

Considering all this are you sure you are in the right job. Do you need to do an attitude adjustment? Isn't my money just as good as anyone Else's? Didn't your parent ever teach you manners? In this economy is is really the right thing to tick a customer off?

Store managers please feel free to share this with you employees. Thanks for listening.