My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, April 2, 2012

Tired Days and Mondays

After only 4 hours of sleep, yes Eric was up until 2 am this morning and the day started at 6 am. with a migraine, I can say I had a relatively good day. The day consisted of laundry and sporadic house work ( when I had the energy to move and my head was not throbbing). I am getting very good at cleaning while tired.  Eric slept through half of his first day home from school and then wanted constant attention. Just the usual stuff.

I pick out a partial skein of yarn from the scrap yarn basket and decided to make a hot pad. Then a small bag of a lighter shade of green just screamed out to me use me, use me. I don't know if it was do to the headache or being over tired but it morphed into an art work piece. Tomorrow I will weave in the ends and do a light felting. Pictures will follow when it is finished.

John was wonderful and brought home dinner tonight. Well I want to call it a early night. Sorry for the tired ramblings.