My 1 Million Row Challenge

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An Amazing Day

I think I had quite an amazing day today, considering Eric kept me up until 3 am and I was up before 7:30. I joined the Tuesday morning knitting group at Einsteins arriving a little late, I had a hard time getting into gear this morning. As I walked in Nancy said to the group that there is another teacher here to the assembled group. I looked around wondering who it might be and then Carolyn piped in that it was me. Was I ever so surprised that Nancy thought so much of my humble knitting skills. So I spent part of the morning teaching an adorable little blond how to pearl and cast on. Considering how tired I was, I found that I could improvise on my feet pretty well.

A drive to Kiwi to look at some fibre and for the other to get more yarn to finish their current projects. Then more driving to the Tucson Mall to have lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen. Note to self even the half order of salad is enough for 2. Their Moroccan Chicken salad is just wonderful. Just be sure to leave off the dressing for the full flavor of the salad.

I then went home and watched a little Tivo until Eric got home. A little spinning and laundry got done. The dishwasher run and emptied. Did I mention that I had planed leftovers for dinner so there was no cooking involved.

I would like to thank every one who has helped Eric over the last 2 months collecting tabs for our local Ronald McDonald house. His 2 month total was 3.9 pounds. That is quite a lot for one not so little guy to carry in.

Well here is hoping that the not so little guy is asleep.