My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, January 17, 2011


Yes I started today's blog with a very bad word, but it did need to be done. You see the yarn and fiber were really creeping out of the closet where they were stored. I also did not want Fibber McGee's closet in my house. After lunch My friend Marge, Eric and I went down to Target to buy 3 storage bins like the one to the right. I should have picked up 2 shopping carts at the front of the store, because by the time I had left they gave us 2 carts to go to the car with.

Packing the car was shall we say very interesting. Only 1 storage bin would fit in the back of the car. So we loaded Eric in the car and put one one the back seat and the other on the floor between Eric's chair and the back seat. The young man from Target gave me a dubious look but I assured him that it would be OK.

Once at home we unloaded the car and got to work. The first part was very easy as most of the yarn had been bought more recently. With Eric supervising and Marge putting the yarn by weight in drawers I sorted through the yarn skein by skein. By the way I think I have enough sock yarn to make as many socks as I have towels left over to make bibs with, so send those easy sock patterns my way. Things went pretty fast at first then the hard part came. Going through the older part of my stash yarn.  This is where all the destashing occurred. Luckily for me I had recently taught Eric's aide Joe to knit, so I sent 1 very large carrier bag home with him. Joe was wise enough to place the yarn in his car before I lost my nerve and put it back. Thank you Joe.

By the time I sorted through all the yarn and Marge organized what I was keeping it was time to put the closet back together and I am happy to report that I can now walk in the walk in closet. Even better I have found a lot of batts and roving which should give me something to practice on while I am learning to spin my own yarn. I have 2 very small hanks drying in the garage right now and when they are dry enough you get to hear about that too.

Well now it is time to head off to bed. So enjoy your families and have a great day.