My 1 Million Row Challenge

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Living Life on the Sunnyside

I don’t know if it is just me but I try to find the upside of everything possible. Take today for instance. This was the second night in a row that allergies have kept me up at night and I feel a little on the crummy side of life.

So I slowed the pace down a bit today and only did 2 loads of laundry from start to finish. But I did get 3 blocks done on Teri’s modular blanket which finished another row of blocks, and started another row. I caught up on some old TV shows that were stored on TiVo.

Around lunch time I realized that I was still on my first glass of liquids for the day, so it was time to play catch up. I did manage to make 2 perfect glasses of iced soy chai tea. And have been pushing the liquids since. Physically I still feel blah, but I know the temperature will soon rise above 100 f and put all that pollen out of my misery.

Well John just got home and it is time to toss dinner in the oven and microwave. This is my version of not cooking. I am cooking baked fish and chips and microwave vegetables. This is defiantly a very lazy dinner.

By the way Teri has only one more final to go and it will be the end of her L-1 year.

Have a great evening and enjoy your families.