My 1 Million Row Challenge

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Tucson Wool Festival

After a long night with Eric and a sleep in till 8:30am., although I don't think you can really call it sleeping in if you are up with a cranky child till 2 am. I made it to the Tucson Wool Festival without John and Eric.

I manage to get a parking space in Kathy's new lot. Since I did not have Eric with me this time I actually got to watch the sheep shearing this year. I found it very interesting, with the wool from each animal going into a separate bag with the name of the animal. They also got there tetanus shots and nails trimmed at the same time. This is all very labor intensive and was a 2 man job. With all the work that goes into the process I personally think that we should probably be spending more for our lovely yarns.

I got to try my hand at carding some alpaca this again is a very labor intensive operation. I can see why the fiber artist had such trim arms. My timing was off for the wet felting demonstrations. It also look very complicated to get a loom ready for weaving. Almost everything under the sun that was wool including felted soap, jewelry, spinning, and supplies. were included.

Unfortunately for the vendors I went to the Wool Festival with less than $100 and did not pull out my credit card. After all I am trying to de-stash and bingeing on yarn would be counter productive. I did however come home with a little over 7 ounces of white baby alpaca yarn grown locally in Southern Arizona. I will add pictures later of this yummy soft yarn. I actually see a shawl in its' future. It will have to have it's own blog entry.

If you did not get a chance to go to the wool festival you can still get some lovely yarn from Kathy at her Etsy shop UniqueDesignsbyKathy. Kathy has a selection of patterns, finished products, and yarn, did I mention that she is a fabulous fiber artist in her own right. Kathy is one amazing woman not only does she raise her wool and mohair herself, but processes it, dyes it, spins it, kints it, crochets it , felts it and weaves it. Did I mention that she is an excellent teacher also.

Have a great day and enjoy your families.