My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


The tummy bug that is going around is a nasty one. We fell like domino's, starting with Eric. I followed a day later and it hit John today. I think the only reason that John got it was because he stayed home to watch Eric yesterday. This is where John would like me to add that no good deed goes unpunished. Sorry John, but with out you we would have been toast yesterday. There was no way on Gd's green earth that I was going to be vertical for any part of the day yesterday, horizontal was hard enough.

I am also wondering how many days my ribs will hurt from all the wild eyrping. Sore ribs make laughing hurt as in don't watch John Stewart or the Corbert Report on Comedy Central. Guys I seriously love your shows but do you have to make me laugh so hard? It also makes movement and house work hard too. It's really bad when you can't bend down far enough to start the roomba vacuum.

I am happy to say that Eric made it to school today and I managed to get 2 loads of laundry done. I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but the laundry pile grows in portion to how sick I am. The sicker I am the bigger the pile of laundry. I mean, how much laundry can one sick little boy make? Wait don't answer that I really don't want to know.

Food is still an issue, aside from crackers, grits, Popsicles and white bread nothing looks good enough to eat with out my tummy grumbling. I really should being enjoying taking a break from cooking, but some how its not the same as when I am feeling good and take a break from cooking.

On the other hand I am getting a lot of knitting done. I almost have a blue key hole scarf and cap set in blue done. I wonder how fast I can fill up the finishing basket?

I hope that you stay healthy and avoid this bug. Enjoy your families and have a great day.