My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Music and More

Eric wanted more music in his room. So I spent 35 minutes today cleaning up Eric's dresser and chasing down electrical cords. I landed up with an extra power cord and a charger for a phone brand that we don't even own. I don't even know who left it here.  The remote control needs a new battery, but John will take care of that tomorrow. Eric spent the rest of the day listening to music, with the base to high. I guess he does not like most of whats on TV this season. 

I also found another box of crafts that had been in the garage. In it I found my favorite knitting bag, 2 unfinished knitting projects with no patterns. I think that I can finish without the pattern, the other one not so much, it might just be tinking* time. I also found more fabric to make Eric some more blankets, not that he needs anymore blankets at the moment.  One bag full of yarn, I took what I wanted and will bring the rest to knitting next week. 

I have also decided that I have too many big project bags. So I sorted through a pile of them. It looks like after the first cut 20% of the will leave the house on Friday. I also have too many yarn storage bags and a few of those will leave the house tomorrow. The deep cleaning is still on going, but at a better pace for my body. 

*Tinking  is Knitting spelled in a somewhat backward state.