My 1 Million Row Challenge

Friday, February 10, 2017

Home at Last

It has been a rough week here at Casa Karobonik. Apparently when I stopped to catch my breath from the very busy time around here, pneumonia snuck into Eric's lungs. Eric has been sick all week and Wednesday we landed up at Tucson Medical Center for 3 days. They were at overflow capacity so they took 1 unit from pediatrics and made it into an adult over flow unit. The staff was very nice and we worked well together. The end result is that Eric is now at home in his bed sleeping with his 2 favorite friends.

This trip did leave John and I with a little hospital bed envy. Tucson Medical Center now has the Stryker S3 MedSurg Beds that fit Eric to a T. He was so comfortable in it despite being so sick. It was so much easier to use than his current bed which we bought used ( 20 years old ) 15 years ago. We were talking about how nice it would be to have one of the new Stryker S3's for Eric at home. We then looked at the hefty price tag for the new ones and realized that this was out of budget and that the insurance would probably not cover it. So we will try to see if we can get Eric's current bed serviced.

This weekend we plan to lay low so everyone can get back to center after this week. Surprisingly I do not have that much laundry to do, mostly John's and mine. Eric will be home with me next week. We will have a few short excursions out, but they will be very limited.

My left hand is still not up to par and I did not even get a fraction of the knitting done that I usually do when Eric is in the hospital.  My hand is more sore than it has been in quite a while. I hope that with less tension in my life that it will start to feel better, until then I will do some weaving.