My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Tally

The tally for the week is very mixed with both good and bad.

The Bad. So far both guys have the cold. I might have figured out this morning who brought it into the house. Eric will be home until at least Tuesday, because of the holiday Monday. No knitting until after the surgery on my left hand. No fiber retreat, hand surgery comes first.

The Good. I have a date for surgery on my left hand, apparently you can't do both hands at the same time. So I picked the most troublesome one. Because it is summer, it was easier to schedule the surgery. I have been napping at every possible moment. I am almost caught up on sleep. The summer Monsoon Rains have started. I got almost 2 ounces of fiber spun today.  I have birthday shopping to do, to be read as retail therapy. Thank you Birthday Person for helping me out.

The only thing that got fully resolved this week was the leak in the bathroom. I figured out where the water was entering the house. Through the bathroom window,  John sealed the leak. Very good team work on our part. If there is ever another remodel, we will go with the upgraded windows, in the long run it has not been worth the $20.00 we saved. We have spent more on paint and repairs than the amount we saved.