My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The No Knitting Diet

It's official, I can not do any knitting until after I see the hand specialist.  So I have put all my knitting projects away. All my knitting needles are in my knitting closet. Anything that is time critical, I will get someone else to do the knitting for me.  Hopefully this is only temporary. Did I mention how much I hate my arthritis right now. If I am a little grumpy, please be patient with me, knitting is how I have found a way to relax in this hectic world of mine for over a decade.

If it does not hurt my hands I can do a little spinning and weaving. Not quite as portable. I will also be doing a few hand exercises for my hands. I will do my best to hang in without any extra eating. Wish me luck.