My 1 Million Row Challenge

Friday, June 3, 2016


Today did not go as planned, but it was very productive anyway.  My closet floor got cleaned and a few more things were purged from my closet. My purses were organized, with the larger ones going up on the closet shelf and the smaller ones hanging.  I did not get any spinning or the new pattern posted to Raverly. I did manage to do a bit of knitting though.  

I did manage to get over 13,00 steps on my fit bit today.  That is a little over 5 miles of walking with most of it done doing house work. I also managed to gift 2 project bags and a couple of skeins of yarn.   Eric thinks that I should have given more yarn away.  

I think that I will call it a night so that I can get more things besides sleeping done tomorrow.