My 1 Million Row Challenge

Friday, June 24, 2016


Eric has come up with a new word over the past couple of weeks. He also uses it at the right time so far.  It is a plea but effective word. I am so glad that he has finally found the word help.  I never know what he is going to need, but it is always urgent.

Last nights call for help was because of a wet chuck and t-shirt.  Which turned into a complete change out, a new button, and new sheets. This included his blanket too.  Here is  a look at how full he managed to fill the washing machine. For complete disclosure John and I each contributed a pool towel. The rest was all Eric.  As John says nobody does a better job of making laundry than Eric.  

On the fiber equipment de stash I am selling my 19" Gilmarka ridged heddle loom.   About a year old.  All worn parts have been replaced.  Used for less than 20 projects. It is still in great shape. Some parts were not even used and are still in the factory wrappers.  Carry all bag included. I am looking at the $475 range plus postage.  If the buyer is local I will throw in some of my hand spun yarn for the first project.