My 1 Million Row Challenge

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

On Track

I got to hang out with some friends today.  We sat around crafting and talking.  This was followed by Physical Therapy which I hope is almost over.  Then some shopping, a quick lunch and a nap.  I picked up Eric so he could supervise the cleaning and laundry. He actually was worried that I did not have enough laundry and made more for me to wash today.  

I was working with a new aide for Eric this afternoon.  When she tried to rush through things, I explained that Eric's schedule was like a concert.  You don't start with the finale.  So we are working on the rythem of Eric.  I think things will go well.  We just need to practice, practice and a little more practice. We will not get to Carnagie Hall, but Eric will be happy with a smooth routine.  

Tomorrow is being set aside for paperwork. With any luck I will be caught up by carpool time.