My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Funky Day

I just know the day is going to be a bit off when I have wheelchair repairs before I have had time to get dressed. To make matters a little more rushed my favorite set of Allen Wrenches were not where I wanted them to be. So I had to get the box of spare Eric equipment parts from his room. Sometimes pieces of equipment come with some spare parts and tools.  I am also still training a new aide for Eric, yes its million question time yet again. So getting Eric to his day program only 30 minutes late was not bad at all.

Once we got to Eric's program, I noticed that the chest positioning strap was not quite right. So I then readjusted all the straps, so Eric does not have to work as hard sitting up. I then took a few minutes to relax before I went to the gym for my 10 minutes planed on the elliptical. I managed to get 15 minutes done.While I was cooling down after my workout a lady noticed my knitting and said that she was having a hard time with it. I asked if I could help her and she then proceeded to try to get me to cure her hands of arthritis. I told her she needed to talk to her doctor or a specialist about her hands. This was repeated several times, I felt like I was in a loop. I was just about to suggest duct tape, it fixes everything, right? When her personal trainer walked up. How do these people find me? What part about talk to your doctor is so hard to understand? I do admit that I am a stay at home mom and I can do a lot of diffrent things, but I am not a doctor. I don't practice medicine without a licence. If you are getting your medical advice from strangers on the street you have more problems than just the arthritis

 Then home to catch up on paperwork. I was only 10 percent through with my paperwork before I need to take a nap. Somehow flare ups make me tired. I woke up with just enough time to eat a quick lunch before I went to get Eric. The rest of the afternoon was taken up by Eric, cooking dinner, cleaning and relaxing.