My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Slowly Cleaning and Healing

My back is still in the healing process. Yes this is still from the December accident.  I have found that I either have the energy to do chores and errands or knit and spin using my drop spindle. Just not both in the same day.   I really wish that backs would not take so long to heal.   I am really over being so uncomfortable and having no energy.  

The purging of closets is continuing. This week 8 pairs of shoes that I have shrunk out of are no longer in residence.  My attention span seems to be at 10 to 30 minutes of deep cleaning about once a week. I hope that will get better as my back gets better, because I would really like to tackle Teri's old room and the garage. The deep cleaning song of the week is Inch Worm, that old childhood classic.  This might be dating me but I like the Danny Kaye version. 

I am working on my summer tea concoctions and as soon as I have one that I really like, I will share the recipe. I am still not drinking sodas, so I can safely say that I think I kicked that habit at a savings of at least $520 a year.   TTFN.