My 1 Million Row Challenge

Sunday, April 3, 2016

I Am Still Here

I have been very cranky of late. The minor fender bender of December has moved down my back and is causing more pain that I can deal with. So that would explain the absence of blog posts. So my plan of action is to continue with physical therapy and get a second opinion to make sure we are not doing more harm than good with therapy. I am also back to icing my back and cutting back on a few activities.

Also, it is possible according, to the shoe salesman for my feet to lose another shoe size after a weight loss. Its funny the weight and inches have been coming off so slowly that I do not seem to notice that much. Friends who do not see me on a regular basis notice more. So I am purging my shoe closet yet again. I will also hold off buying more shoes just in case my feet decide to shrink again. Also when I have time I will be looking for smaller pants too. Shirts are not as much of a problem because I can shrink them a bit by throwing them in the dryer. I am not bothered when they get longer. Pant waistbands however, should not be riding on my ribs. Pant shopping may have to wait until I move and feel better. On my skirts as long as they stay up and don't get too long should not be a problem. Most of my skirts are 3 inches longer, so a few will need high heels. Flat ones of course, like clogs, no spiked heels for me.

Well it is time to get dinner going.