My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Things are Better

Things are going better with Eric. Long story short, the insurance company and provider changed the script and formulation of Eric's nutrition to save the insurance company money and prove that the provider was willing to do anything including compromise the health of its patients to keep the newly acquired contract.   After a very small dust up with Eric's nutrition provider, an order of formula from Amazon with next day delivery and some back and forth with Eric's wonderful doctor and the provider of nutrition,things have been resolved.  

We are almost through the first case of formula that I ordered from Amazon.  I am thankful that I was able to get what Eric needed very badly, overnight.  Amazon thank you for you help in this matter.  

Eric has woken up happy and smiling for the last 2 days. He has slept through the night for the last 2 nights.  Now I have to start sleeping through the night again.  His skin color is back to normal.  He has more energy. He is back to being the life of the party at program.  

I am very thankful for all my friends who gave me such wonderful support during this crisis.  I really can't adaquility  put in words what it meant to me.  Thank you all. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016


I don't know what ever possessed me to knit a lace trim with 3 different skeins of similar colored yarn.  It sure does look pretty though. I hope it looks good on me when I finish it. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

No Caffeine

Around 2:30 this morning Eric started eyrping. I must say that the LG washer handled all 3 loads with ease.  I also had my first Eric sick day without soda. It was a very long day.  I missed the sugar and caffeine rush that kept me going.  I did not even have energy to knit. The good news is that the eyrping has stopped and all that I have to deal with is the cold de jour tomorrow.  

Eric and I will be home again tomorrow and I will need to cancel one appointment.  I will also have to write and finish knitting my Thursday's class. It's a good thing that I love modular knitting and know a decent amount about modular knitting.  

My biggest hope that Eric sleeps tonight.  

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Modular Knitting

Thursday I am going to teach modular knitting at The Old Publeo Knitters Knitting Guild Meeting.  I am currently working on the samples. I will teach 3 different ways to connect the knitted squares so you do not have to do any seaming.  I will also give a brief history of modular knitting.  

So if you are in Tucson on Thursday our meetings start at 9:30 am at St. Phillips Church at the corner of River And Campbell Avenues in the Murphy Hall.  The first 2 meetings are free.  All you need to bring are 2 skeins of Sugar and Cream, one ombré and one solid color skein, US side 7 or 8 by 24" circular knitting needles, a Crochet hook, and a pair of scissors.  Yes, I will weave the ends in as part of my demonstration. I will be teaching the 9 Patch Dish Rag.  Here is the sample that I started tonight.  This is about an hour of knitting so far.  

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Bucket List

Check something else off my bucket list. Spinning yarn at the beach. It happened Monday at Santa Monica Pier. I was dressed for s party so sitting in the sand was not an option.  

Did you know the windier it is the more the drop spindle stops spinning? The choice of the roving matching the clouds in the sky and the water was a happy surprise. 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Good Things

John and I were on the same wave length yesterday. After work he called to see if he could bring home Salmon Sandwiches from Beyond Bread home for dinner. They were great as usual, Thanks to everyone at Beyond Bread in Tucson.

I finished my scarf last night. I wove in the ends and wove the hand dyed silk through as a design element. I can't wait to wear it next winter. Oh by the way it has 411 rows of knitting for the Ravely 1 million row challenge.

Friday, April 8, 2016

A First Today

Eric had a very rocky start to his day and almost came home from program today 5 minutes after we got there. So I sat and knit for a while, not wanting to drive home and turn right back to pick him up. After about an hour he got settled in. I decided to say later to the errands on my list and came home to ice my back and rest. The world was not going to end if I did not get to Costco for Vanilla Soy milk or drop of the clothes at the dry cleaners. I think it helped my back a lot to rest.

As you know Eric feels it is his job to do laundry to keep me busy. I wore out the old whirlpool after 25 years of use. We then got an LG washer. Since we have gotten the LG washer, I have not come close to filling it to capacity until today. Today I filled it to the top and had laundry left over. I was very surprised to say the least. Thank goodness one of Eric's aides is putting it all in the dryer and doing the folding. my back is not quite up to that. I also don't want to hit John with that the moment he walks in the door.

I am hoping that John will pick up the Salmon Sandwiches (it is the Friday special) for dinner from Beyond Bread tonight so that I can ice my back and rest some more instead of cooking dinner. I may just finish a scarf for me if I have the energy tonight.

Its time to go ice my back.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Slowly Cleaning and Healing

My back is still in the healing process. Yes this is still from the December accident.  I have found that I either have the energy to do chores and errands or knit and spin using my drop spindle. Just not both in the same day.   I really wish that backs would not take so long to heal.   I am really over being so uncomfortable and having no energy.  

The purging of closets is continuing. This week 8 pairs of shoes that I have shrunk out of are no longer in residence.  My attention span seems to be at 10 to 30 minutes of deep cleaning about once a week. I hope that will get better as my back gets better, because I would really like to tackle Teri's old room and the garage. The deep cleaning song of the week is Inch Worm, that old childhood classic.  This might be dating me but I like the Danny Kaye version. 

I am working on my summer tea concoctions and as soon as I have one that I really like, I will share the recipe. I am still not drinking sodas, so I can safely say that I think I kicked that habit at a savings of at least $520 a year.   TTFN.   

Sunday, April 3, 2016

I Am Still Here

I have been very cranky of late. The minor fender bender of December has moved down my back and is causing more pain that I can deal with. So that would explain the absence of blog posts. So my plan of action is to continue with physical therapy and get a second opinion to make sure we are not doing more harm than good with therapy. I am also back to icing my back and cutting back on a few activities.

Also, it is possible according, to the shoe salesman for my feet to lose another shoe size after a weight loss. Its funny the weight and inches have been coming off so slowly that I do not seem to notice that much. Friends who do not see me on a regular basis notice more. So I am purging my shoe closet yet again. I will also hold off buying more shoes just in case my feet decide to shrink again. Also when I have time I will be looking for smaller pants too. Shirts are not as much of a problem because I can shrink them a bit by throwing them in the dryer. I am not bothered when they get longer. Pant waistbands however, should not be riding on my ribs. Pant shopping may have to wait until I move and feel better. On my skirts as long as they stay up and don't get too long should not be a problem. Most of my skirts are 3 inches longer, so a few will need high heels. Flat ones of course, like clogs, no spiked heels for me.

Well it is time to get dinner going.