My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, December 28, 2015

A Very Early Morning

This has been a crazy morning so far.  The barametric pressure started dropping around midnight.  By 12:30 I had the beginnings of a very bad headache.  Around 3 am when that began to fade Eric woke up with leg cramps. I took care of that. Then John helped with a full change out.  I hated to wake him, but since the little bump on the 7th I have not been able to do a complete change out of Eric by myself,hopefully pt will fix that soon. 

I am also sure that Eric is doing his part to keep the pipes from freezing this morning by making more laundry. So as my headache fades I will try to fall back asleep to the sound of the washer running.  If the 1st load of the morning does not do it, I have another one ready to go.